one time.

every day I wake up to face the things before me

there are moments I wanna give up

be stronger is too hard

specially if love has touched my heart

specially if love is sacrifice.

the sun revolves around the world

after it moon comes

the tomorrow is sad sometimes

you saw to the past nostalgically

keeping a old photo in your pocket

now you can see back and smile

just you changed your mind.

though I want to call you

I'm near the telephone

in the end I can't talk you

specially when I'm shy

specially when I don't know if you miss me.

there arepeople telling stars guides to a brand new

but there aren't stars in the sky

the tomorrow is happy only if you want it

you found friends

laughs are left behind

memories hunts you

present isn't yesterday.

someday I'd like journey with you

find joy in our hearts

know that you were always with me

and eternity is just desire of living more

speacially if love is one time.