The Shadow

Sounds linger unheard

Sight is rendered obsolete

Fear has been spurred

By death's barbed feet

The hollow footsteps echo

It is far quieter than it should be

Hesitantly the pace begins to slow

Begins a search for what you cannot see

Two luminescent orbs shine

In bright contrast against the black

A growl draws out in a dramatic whine

Its presence boars into your back

A white flood flies past

Still heard is the malicious growl

The monster is approaching fast

However, a new threat has begun to prowl

A figure appears amongst the unknown

It lurks as a shadowy mist

The presence of a weapon is shown

A dagger clutched tight in a fist

What was thought foul is forgotten

The shadow approaches, blade raised

The monster thought to be rotten

Now has reason to be praised

The growl and white speed by

Leaving only a wake of blood red

The shadow flees into the sky

Leaving unspoken terror unsaid

Ragged breaths are taken

The passing of time always remains

From the horrid nightmare you awaken

But this was no dream of the sane

Your hollow footsteps repeat

This place must be departed

There is only a shallow illusion of defeat

For death only skips once over the weak-hearted.

This is my first ever attempt at a poem, please tell me what you think.