Pick up.

Katrina idly played with her hair. Ree watched her from the other side of the smoky, dimly lit, bar .He approached her table.


Katrina ignored him.

"I said hi!"

Katrina stopped playing with her hair. She appeared startled.

"Oh!" She looked him over. "Hi."

She was careful to keep her voice bored, non-committal. In reality- she was far from bored.

The man in front of her looked gorgeous. He had longish, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes you could melt into. Katrina usually only went for men with short hair. long hair made a man too feminine for her liking. For him, however, she could make an exception.

His skin was a light brown. His whole look reminded her of a Native American. Even under his white vest and jeans she could tell his body was toned and strong.

Katrina waited for him to speak- she knew he would. Men always did. She was very aware how beautiful she was. With her slender figure, long raven hair and deep blue eyes, she easily outshone every girl in the bar, and she knew it. As predicated, he spoke.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"I already have a drink." She sipped her red wine.

"Well, can I buy you another?" He tried again.

Katrina laughed. "Why would I need two drinks at once? You implying I'm an alcoholic?"

Ree looked startled. "No." He smiled. "Are you?"

She tilted her head to the side. "Alcohol isn't what I crave."

"What do you crave?"

"Play your cards right, maybe you'll find out." She smiled teasingly at him before turning away.

Ree wasn't bothered. "I'm Ree, by the way."

Katrina spoke without turning round. "Did I ask?"

A short silence followed. Eventually, Ree spoke.

"Do you have a name?"

"Yes. But I don't want you to know it." She gave him a cold smile.

Ree frowned. "I don't understand."

Katrina put on her most pitying look. "Then, I guess you're just slow. Listen Ray-"


"Ray, Ree, Richard , I don't care. I'm not interested, ok? So, why don't you bother one of the other girls in here? One pathetic enough to go with you. Now, have you got that or should I repeat it slower?"

Ree's expression darkened. He stalked off. Smiling, Katrina finished her wine.

Jane sat alone, feeling depressed. She couldn't believe she'd stupidly let her friends drag her into coming to this bar. Now they'd all paired off with somebody, leaving her on her own. It wasn't the first time either. She bit her nails. Why did she think someone would ever notice her? She was short, curvy and a red head. In other words doomed to be single.

It was strange that as she'd been thinking this Ree approached.

"You ok?"

Jane's head jerked up. She closed her eyes, opened them. He was still there.

"I, er," she stuttered. Ree looked amused.

Say something idiot! Jane mentally screamed.

"Yeah, I'm good. Not good but fine. Ok, I'm not fine-fine," she laughed nervously. "Sorry. I'm rambling."

He nodded. "So, are you?"

Jane was confused. "What?"


"Oh," she blushed. "No, I'm actually pretty angry right now. My so- called friends seem to think leaving me here is my idea of a good time. I'm Jane or Miss never shuts her mouth. Depending on which you prefer."

Ree laughed. "I just go by Ree."

"See," she grinned. "That's easier. Would you like a drink?"


"Well go buy one then."

Ree closed his eyes. "Typical."

Jane raised her eyebrow. "I'm only joking. What would you like?"

Katrina looked over. Ree had spent the last hour talking to a plump ginger girl. She gathered it was time to make her move. Katrina strode over to them.

"Hi," she purred.

Ree gave her a quick uninterested glance. "Hey."

Katrina flicked her hair. "I'm ready for that drink now."

Jane frowned. "What?"

"He didn't tell you? Ree offered to buy me a drink earlier tonight. I wasn't in the mood then, but I am now. So," she moved closer to Ree. "You ready to leave the consolation prize and get the real thing?"

Ree bit his lip. After several minutes thinking he turned to Jane.

"Wait here."

Katrina smiled cruelly. "Don't wait too long."

Ignoring Jane's crumpled expression he took Katrina's hand, leading her outside.

Katrina inwardly laughed. Ree apparently couldn't be

bothered with the drink. He wanted to get straight to the action. Not that she minded.

Despite her earlier attitude she'd always been interested. It was just game she played. Men would come up to her and she'd be as nasty as possible, then wait until they'd found someone else and see if they'd come back to her. They always did. Tonight had been especially fun because Ree could have had any girl in the bar but he still wanted her- even after how she'd treated him. Katrina never got tired of testing her power over men, or of seeing the faces of the other women. She couldn't believe that girl thought she'd a chance with someone like Ree. Did she even own a mirror?

Ree pulled Katrina behind a wall.

"Ow! What are you doing? Aren't you going to call a cab?"

He grinned at her. "I can't help it. I can't wait."

She glanced around. It was pitch black, deserted and cold. Not her ideal spot. She looked at Ree again. Still…

She shrugged. Ree grabbed her hair. Kissing her violently.

Katrina tried to pull away. He grabbed her shoulders holding her in place. Finally, he allowed her to break the hold.

Katrina gasped for breath. Her lips stung. "You're hurting me."


He didn't sound sorry. "I-I think I want to go inside."

She tried to dodge him. He slammed her against the wall. Hard. Terror overwhelmed her. Katrina sobbed. Ree peered into her fearful face.

"Oh, come on, what's the matter? You were fine before."

"P-please," she begged. "Let me go."

Ree shook his head. "I want a drink."

He bent to kiss her neck.

Katrina started to relax. There was something soothing about the way he was doing it. Gentle almost.

Forgetting her predicament Katrina let out a moan of pleasure- that quickly turned into a scream of agony. Sharp teeth pierced her neck and painfully slowly, Katrina's blood was drawn out.

Jane looked up as Ree entered the bar.

"You came back?" She couldn't help being surprised.

"Yeah," Ree grimaced. "I had to gently let her down. You know?"

"You let her down?" Jane asked. Confused.

"She wasn't really my type," Ree admitted.

"Are you going to do that to me?"

"Oh, no," he shook his head. "I promise what happened to her will never happen to you. I like you."

"You took a while . Was everything ok?"

Ree smiled. "Everything's fine. Now." He kissed her gently.

Privately Jane agreed.


Yeah I have a character called Ree in this as well, but I wrote this about a year ago. I don't think it's one of my best pieces- it was something I did for english but I thought I'd share it with you.