Let's Go Sailing

What is that sad look in your eyes from?

Is it merely an evident lack of slumber?

Do you stay up late on the computer playing games?

Do you read all night because you're so lost in the intricate metaphors?

Do you listen intently to music of all genres to gain appreciation?

Or perhaps there's something going on

A situation you can't wriggle out of

No matter how sneaky you normally are

Is there a snag in your past that you just can't escape?

Does no one understand your complex thoughts?

Do people doubt your ambitions, put a damper on your dreams?

Is there someone you miss from where you used to be?

Is it girl trouble?

What is that mystery glittering in your misty eyes?

Do you harness an anchor of a secret within those sorrowful oceans?

Or maybe millions of ideas teeming with eagerness, never to be released?

Is regret a main component of your motives?

Were you always this sad-looking?

Or were you always just tired?

Do you have anything you want to talk about?

Do you need a friend?

Cause if you do ever find yourself at a loss for solutions

I'll help you along

I'll sail right on through those misty seas until I get to the core

The root

The heart

Your heart