I watched him pace back and forth mumbling under his breath as I in a high back chair on a low platform. All the chairs in the house were on platforms.

"I've got it my love!" He suddenly shouted. He always calls me love and I have no idea why.

"What have you got?" I asked.

"My love I had a waking dream. In this dream I fell down a long dark shaft with metal sides and into cloth so soft it felt like water. There was no light anywhere, and when I awoke just a moment ago I knew!"

"Knew what?" I asked.

He suddenly became very still. Then he turned and walked over to me. Stepping up on the platform he cupped his hands around my face. His face was very close to mine. I had to strain to hear his words he whispered them so softly, "My love, I don't know." He suddenly jumped back and grabbed my hand pulling me up out of the seat, "But I will find out what I know in short order. Come!" He pulled me through the house, his hand holding mine like a vice.

Abruptly he stopped and pushed me against the wall. Putting his hands on my shoulders he said, "Love, now we will understand. You only in a small amount, but I will know all. Watch!"

He lept across the hall and opened a flap in the wall. Hands forward and head down he dove down the laundry chute.