Truly Have I Fallen

If I died, would you miss me?
For a day, a month, a year?
Or would I be just a passing breeze on a placid sea
And you'd shed hardly a single tear?

My world without you is incomplete,
Yet yours remains the same,
And I'll never acknowledge my defeat,
For 'tis my heart that yours has tamed.

Falling in love is supposed to be a dream,
And truly have I fallen, full of pain,
In my heart, you reign supreme,
But it's you who will prove to be my bane.

I'd catch a falling star for you,
If only then things would change.
And though my heart will break anew,
My place with no other I'd exchange.

My angel fallen from the skies,
I'll worship you in peace.
And despite the look that's in your eyes
My love for you will never cease.