The Half-Ogre Warrior
Seven feet tall and deadly with a sword.
A Half-Ogre warrior named Tord.
Spoke a language, unlike we speak.
A man to kill him, humans seek.
But day by day, he gets stronger.
Even though, the mens swords were longer.
Warriors tried to strike him down.
But he destroyed town after town.
Until one day, a man came up.
Grabbed his bow, and shot his foe.
His arrow flew into the Ogre's eye, and struck a lucky blow.
The Ogre stumbled and the man drew out his mace.
Struck a blow, and the Ogre backed up a pace.
The mace swung thrice more, and the Ogre fell.
The man rejoiced with his town, and bought them ale.
They all cheered, for the Man of Town Rale.