Forward: I used to be in love with my fifth period teacher. So I wrote this, and it's pretty much self-explanatory. Spacing is deliberate.

Questions I Can't Ask in Class

Why do I feel so lowly
next to you
like I'm not good enough
like you're some god
like I'm the only one who
is so rapturously in love with you?

Why do I feel so bad

When you look me
Why's it make me feel so
priceless, lifeless, wishing you
were wifeless?

Why do I want you

To love me

When I know you don't
Love me like her
no--higher, brighter, deeper
. . .why do I want
more than love,
Why do I want you?

Do you know

That I cry loudly
inside my body when
I see you
That I can breathe
more freely when you leave
And that I find myself
aching with anger
because I do love you,
don't want to, but
have to?

Do you know that?

So why do I feel so down
when I'm close to you
so high when I'm not?