I Saw You Today:

I saw you today.

I haven't seen you in a while, actually.

But I saw you today.

I thought that I was completely over you. Turns out that I was wrong

One look at you and my breath flew out the window. It's crazy really. I'm not supposed to like you anymore.

But turns out that I do.


But why the sudden change in me? I don't know.

All I really know is that right now, it's two hours since I waved goodbye, and I can't stop thinking about you.

It's kind of sad, actually.

How did you manage to worm your way into my heart again? I thought that I'd cast you out a long time ago.

We've known each other too long for anything to happen. I mean, I knew you before you actually looked gorgeous. And you knew me before I was... well, me.

You were always like my older brother, and I was like you younger sister, so you didn't have to be the baby of your family. I just needed someone to be there for me.

In many ways you weren't there for me, but then there were the other things that you do and say, the little things... I think it was those that made me fall for you.

It's not right though. Somewhat incest? Since we're like... brother and sister to each other. Right?

This is all so confusing. When did life get like this?

I remember the day you left. I was still in Year 9. I hurt for a while after that.

Then suddenly I forgot about you; I moved on.

Well, it turns out like I didn't really banish you that far away.

You looked really good in your suit today.

Weddings are supposed to be a time of love and happiness. Maybe my emotions were just getting carried away. Maybe I haven't really fallen for you all over again.

And I thought I liked this other guy.

But you just won't get out of my mind.

This sucks. I don't know why I keep thinking about you. We were never meant to be together anyway. It was always supposed to be me and then you, travelling in different directions. But I guess it didn't turn out like that huh? Maybe it's fate that we keep coming back together.

But I don't believe in fate.

Now I wish I did.

Another one-shot from the heart of me. Yeah... whatever. Thanks to the people that reviewed Words Of A Broken Heart, which I posted yesterday.

I'll put the thanks here:

icewolf9: It's a one shot. Sorry. I was just feeling very overwhelmed with what I was feeling, so that's what you got. I wonder if you'll read this one too...

Nestalgica: Thanks. I tend to think like that too, in a bunch of sentences, rather than anything that sounds intelligible. Much like this one too.

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