Give me locks
Give me chains
Bound myself in 'em
I'm a partisan

Got me polluting
What's best around
Take directives
Tear things down

I am the one who bolts the door
And then let others know who they're rooting for
Because if I say I'm on your side
You're star-gazed struck and you'll realize

I'm the one who allows you the chance
To ship to shape or become freelance
And when you're free I will despair
So I indoctrinate you – I'm a partisan

Spewed some ideas
On the ground
So they'll blind whoever
Falls in them

And when you're blinded
I can manipulate
Tell you some slogans
Lead you off the plank

Tell you which way
To the abyss of power
Place you on an
Ivory Tower

Then you'll see
Then you'll know
That just like me
You're a partisan too