"Guilty Hands"
E.M. Hunton

pierced, scourged, broken
blood spilled out of love
very few words spoken
His death more than enough
flesh torn, wounds opened
mocked, beaten, spit upon
God made flesh to be a token
man condemned of nothing wrong
through love He endured
the pain, the shame
all my sin He has cured
by the power of His name
crucified by a guilty hand
i am guilty too
but innocent now i stand
because he made me new
He shed blood on the cross
all i shed are tears
i will never know the cost
paid by one so dear
through His power He arose
satan cried defeat
for you see, now He knows
by love he was beat
this is the love that overcame
death, sin, and separation
and this love is the same
that binds us by His grace and son
victory belongs to Him
for He is the one true king
all i am because of Him
for He is everything