Distant war story ideas

Drakon army and allies

Drakon army:

Hell puppets, six legged warriors, each leg has a sword, they walk upright when in battle, like a human, with their four legs on each side. When running into battle, they move like a spider, their heads tucked into their armored husk. They are capable of shooting iron darts from a narrow pipe in their throat. The generals have different weapons on each leg and have their own brains. They are brainless, and are controlled by the demon Drakon through mind control, and are built from spiders and elf flesh.

Halfbreaths: Demons that fight for Drakon, they where once elves, dwarfs, etc. The number of them is unknown. The main one, Bronovick, heads a group of minotaurs that are being created from man flesh and slaughtered cattle.

Dark Disciples

Leader: Vlad Blackheart

The Dark Disciples are not really an army, but a coalition of the un-dead. As the High Elves say, the Dark Disciples use recycled things, there by there strength lies in adversity, different creatures. The Dark Disciples consist of creatures in different forms which include:

Zombie warriors, wicked dead servants of Menthila. They are the workhorse of the army.

Vampires, 12, including Vlad, which control the Dark Disciples.

Balvarines, werewolves were recently kicked out.

Dark wizards, mainly necromancers.

Hydra's, Giants, and other creatures are known to fight on Vlad's behalf.

Orc Armies

Contrary to popular belief, Orcs do not fight on the behalf of evil. They fight for whatever purpose suits them. Right now, they need the technology that Menthila posses, and with Drakon ready to strike, they have seized the opportunity. The orcs are fierce fighters, but as the High Empire (Different empire from other side of the world) draws closer and closer to their homeland, they are gearing up for a battle, a battle that they know they can not win without technology, and help from Drakon, their new ally.

Gob Orcs: Standard calvary, smaller orcs, about five feet tall, they ride on the backs of creatures called Archol. Archol are fierce, dark wolves. They are a mix of wolves, balvarines, and werewolves. Gob Orcs are fast on foot and on Archol. Most are calvary, but some are used as back up for normal orc forces. They are good shots with a long-bow, excellent at using javelins, spears, and halberds.

Berserker Orcs: Big, strong, shock troopers of the orc armies. They are first line troops, they are eight feet tall and use all ranges of melee weapons. Their weakness is violence though, they are known to kill anything, therefore, they are used at the front.

Generals: Lean, dark green orcs, they stand at six feet tall, and are very smart, smartest of all the orcs, there minds parallel human generals. They call the shots, and command all of the orcs.

Henchmen Orcs: They are about anywhere between 6-7 feet tall. They are the enforcers, they command and carry out the General's orders. They carry large cross bows that are used in combat and to keep Berserker Orcs in check. They also carry a short sword.

Humble Orcs: Despite their name, they are anything but humble. They are the best of both worlds, fairly strong, fairly bright, and excellent at sword play. They are seven feet tall-6 feet tall. Some are civilized, and live under the High Empire's laws. The others still fight for the Orc King.


Dwarfs have long been in hiding after the series of violent wars that rocked their culture to the brink of destruction. Dwarfs have gone in hiding, seldom leaving the deep caves in the west, which rise of the Death Desert on a mountain range called The Forever Fall Mountains. Little is known about their military, actually they are said to not have one. When a war is on, there is a call to arms where groups of un-organized Dwarfs charge into battle yelling at the top of their lungs. They won the Goblin Wars after being driven from their mountain capital city by Visith. The Goblin Wars came at a high cost of life though, and, after a warning for the dwarfs to leave Siadra Peninsula, where they where mining Dark Elf mines, King Harog the ninth declared a Vengeance War on the dwarfs, who where easily overtaken and killed. A vengeance war for all the metals that the dwarves stole from the dark elves. Today, in the scheme of things, on the continent Asura, they have no part in world politics anymore.

The only way they will fight again is if they are able to reclaim their old capital, which remains untouched, even by goblins, as Visith wants no part in the old city, yet does not want the goblins to be so close to himself that they are in the village.

Dark Elves

They live in the Siadra peninsula, they despise dwarfs, for a series of short invasions occurred when the dwarves staged a surprise attack, killing and murdering. Why they did this is still a mystery, some say it was not the dwarf's in general, but a small group of thugs armed with dwarf cannons and other weapons. The Dark elves decimated the Dwarf population a few years later, in a violent bloody war of vengeance. The Dark Elf leaders later claimed the war was declared after the Dwarfs refused to leave the newly conquered territory, as they used it to mine precious metals.

A dark elf only grows to be six foot one, they have dark, almost blackish blue skin, red eyes, and their hair is either black, dark green, or in rare cases, orange. Dark Elves are a war like people, going to war on a daily basis, they are skilled in combat and organization on the battlefield. Dark Elves prefer to fight on foot with light body armor and short/long swords.

High Elves

High Elves are a peace loving people, but they do get involved when a war threatens to spread over the world. In the growing Distant War, they are still neutral, but that might soon change. The High Elf society revolves around the King, who always is guided by the Pale Council, a council of elvish wizards. High Elves are experts with the longbow, magic, spears, and any chain type weapon. They are very fond of nature. They usually have blond or brown hair, pale white skin, blue eyes, and grow to be around six feet, the women grow to be around 5 ft 7. They have colonized the West Wilds, but they exclusively live near a bay in Ardania, the High Elf nation.

Wood Elves

Wood Elves are a very quiet race, they rarely interact with any other races. They only live in the West Wilds, and do not have a country. They live in the disputed territory, which is the West Wilds. The men grow to be about five foot five, and they are very thin and nimble, with black beady eyes, a short, stubby nose, with white hair. The men are skilled in herb lore, farming, cooking, hunting, camouflage, and stealth. In the rare instants that Wood elves are seen fighting, the men use poison darts, and poisoned machetes.

The women, however, are much different. They are tall and lean, light blond hair, small blue eyes, a thin nose, tan skin, and they grow to be about six feet tall. Every year, in a Wood Elf village, the Chief Matriarch, chooses one women to be her successor. They train in magic, sorcery, and leadership. A normal female elf though, raises a family while the husband works at farming. She teaches the kids, manages the money, and they all practice a little magic. Then from their, the Chief Matriarch trains the future war sorceresses in magic attacks, and eventually, there will be a group of ten women trained in magic.