Praise by writerforever

The sun is shining

The birds are singing

The day is filled with joy

And it's all because of You

The sky is blue

The trees are swaying in the wind

The children are laughing with joy

Everything, every living thing,

Seems to be shouting Your name

The man in the alley, lost and alone

Lifts Your name upon high

The woman who has just recovered from an illness

Raises her hands to You

The children in the Sunday school

Sing songs to You

The teenager who is ridiculed at school

Looks upward and smiles as You embrace him

We sing to You

We worship You

We praise You, Jesus

We will sing praises to You

Because of who You are

Our Savior

Our Lord

Our Friend

Our Love

We praise You!

And we will praise You

Until You come back for us

Praise Your name Lord Jesus!