Mary's Tears by writerforever

They have me plastered upon their walls

They have statues erected of me

They pray to me, instead of my beloved Son

They worship me and forget about Jesus

My heart would be broken if I knew this

If I knew this I would go to my Son

And beg for His forgiveness

And tell Him that it is not my fault they worship me

Instead of Him

Don't they understand?

Don't they realize that I cannot save them?

I am but a flesh and blood human

Just like they are

I cried

I suffered

I prayed

I sinned

Just like they do

But they have placed me on a pedestal

I have become a god to them

They look to me

Instead of to Jesus

But do they not realize I do not hear their prayers?

Do they not realize that I am safe in Heaven

Walking the streets of gold

And singing praises to my Son?

If I knew, I would cry tears

Tears of grief and sorrow

Because they love me more than they do my Son

Satan has deceived them

I would cry tears