Sunset draped over the hills;
a glorious visual orgasm of warm colour;
passionate red, regal purple, firey orange.
The sheer power stained the landscape,
dripping the colours of love over the world.
Couples sat, scattered around the park,
a nervous teenage boy picked a soft looking flower,
caressing its powder blue petals as he blushes,
handing the blossom to his date for the evening.

Somewhere, amongst all the love,
all the sweet gestures shared between everyone,
young, old, male and female, regardless of colour;
she sits there, alone, looking out at the lake.
Her sketchbook propped on her knees, her hand quickly brushing
strokes of genius easily flowing onto the paper.
Her eyes mist over as she looks out at the sky,
seeing the romance swim before her eyes, realising
she's always been alone. All the love given to her,
mechanical, that's all. Nothing more, it never will be.

A/N: I'm not particularly fond of it, I was practically unconsious while writing it.