Swimming through the ice cold waters,

On a pitch-black autumn's night.

The air is crisp,

The air is cold,

Nobody for miles,

Nobody in sight.

And that is when,

I sensed your presence.

For you are not human,

Nor are you ghost.

You are an angel,

My angel.

My guardian angel.

You are here in spirit,

As I swim.

As I sleep.

I know you are here,

Yet, I do not care.

For, I know you will not hurt me,

I know you would not dare.

You are my friend,

My angel.

My guardian angel.

You catch me when I'm falling,

You find me when I'm hiding.

You wipe my tears when I am crying.

I do not know why you're here,

Not a clue in the world.

Why me?

Why not he?

Or she?

The only thing I know for sure,

Is, you are,

My angel.

My guardian angel.