When you stare now…what are you thinking?

When you used to glance…did you even think?

You fail to respond to a question I wouldn't have dared ask myself.

What do you think and why don't you share?

This news is as much my business as it is yours. I like you. You ignore me.

Tell all your friends: The one-ring circus is in town and I'm the star.

I didn't put in an application.

Your friends come to stare

At first you're apathetic.

It seems times have changed…

Still, you say nothing.

Silence is the equivalent of a thousand lost loves.

In that case, though, I must be quite melancholy. Silence is a friend.

I'm growingmore and more impatient with him.

At first I felt furious yet depressed, then I gained confidence.

Now, I'm starting to wonder…what's your take? You don't like me…do you?

I'll pull an Eeyore, and just like him, I'm serious.

Do I disgust you? Am I just too ugly for your taste?

Am I a little more obnoxious than you care for?

Must I delve deeper for answers?

Are you frankly uninterested in me?

Embarrassed that you got the weird one…the one who's not goodenough?

…Disappointed that it's "only" me?

Did you think you could do better…only to find the leftovers on your doorstep?

Is it possible…Do you hate me?

Do you despise me so much…feel so jeopardized that you can't even confront me?

Or am I simply overanalyzing?

I know it's awkward because we don't know.

If you take a risk, I'll take one, too.

Still, until then…I'll wonder…

When you stare at me now…what are you thinking?

When you used to glance…did you even think at all…?