I'm in love with history, and I've always had a soft spot for Mesopotamia. I learned more about it this year, and did some research over the internet, and this is what came up. Hope you like it. :)

O Babylon, ancient city
South at the Euphrates
On your monuments, none take pity
As war throughout the centuries
Desicrated, ruined, falsly inscribed
Your timeless artifacts

Your sixth monarch, O Babylon
"Ham the Great"
And his Code of Laws
Politically isolated you
The god-pleasing code
According to Hammurabi, no flaws
Justice was brought
Criminals set straight

O Babylon, where are your gardens?
Your terraced, hanging flowers
What was their fate?
Loving, pitying his wife of Medes
Nebuchadnezzar the Great
Built them, the hanging trees
Bathed by the euphoric waters
Of the tranquil Euphrates
(Brother of Tigris)
Impressed the Greeks
Founders of intellect
O Babylon, where are your hanging
Gardens? Your sultry flowers?
Travelers' first dash of life seen in weeks?

May I ask,
O Babylon,
Heart of an empire,
Why did you fall?
So civilized, so primary
You were taken by the Persians
(Your beautiful, pristine,
Many-centuried kingdom)
Cyrus and Darius
Conquered you

O, Babylon! Ancient city!
What are you now?
No longer a city between rivers two
No longer an independent Empire
O Babylon, to what you have been reduced!
Broken tablets, sun-baked ruins
Pillaged, stolen, destroyed

O Babylon!
Heart of a culture
Depending on Euphrates
You are no more

Rest in peace, O Babylon.