As one once so young

With the music playing

And the words repeating over and again,

Those Were The Days My Friend -

We Thought They Would Never End...

Only thing is My Friend

Ah Yes Those were the days

And they have ended

Only memory now calls of those days long, long ago

As memory recalls the lane we used to travel upon

The gathering of the water under the stars

From a well so deep, oh so deep

Ever Faithful the name of the well

Where we would gather precious drops of water

As the stars in the heavens danced

By the light of the moon.

Ah Yes Those Were The Days My Friend

We Would Sing and Dance

With wild breezes blowing through vast the Country

The sky from the hillside

So deep, so deep the midnight blue

Midnight blue so dark that black the sky of night

And the stars so close that one only had to reach

And there by the sky of night touched -

Brought close to the heart

Starbright, starbright wishing on a star so bright

Those moments now linger on, now linger on...

In memory for Those Were The Days My Friend

We Thought They Would Never End

And now as long the years have passed

So quickly

In a heartbeat the years have passed

And only memory lingers to be recalled

I can't believe that Those Were The Days

A past that oh to be lived again to be lived...

But Those Were The Days

Never more to be again.