Putting words on to paper,
What meaning have they?
For I know that you will twist them,
To what you wish they would say.

Your mind is more powerful,
Then any words I can scream.
You make up their meaning,
So that they fit in your dream.

Creating fantasy worlds,
You pretend you are fine.
You create your own god,
And pretend he's divine.

You think you're okay,
Because there is no "true way."
These things should not be,
If only you could hear me.

You twist what you see,
And miss what I write.
Why do I bother,
To put up a fight?

Because your mind may be powerful,
But I Am is greater.
He is in my life,
And He is my creator.

He reigns in Heaven.
For Him my words sing.
You can twist what I write,
But don't mess with my King.