For the first time, in her selective memory

She lays in bed, alone

Without a light or heartbeat to keep her company

Her heart beats, in rhythm with her thoughts

She barely knows the way to her own door

Like she knows the feeling of being a stranger

In someone else's living fantasy


She is a stranger in the life she should be living

I see her there

And focus on the eyes

That no one's ever seen

And watch her look up

Without the coy, seductive glare

That melts you at her feet

Immune to all but your screaming heart

And her dark cherry lips

And suppresses your mind

In wordless ecstasy

With simple, child's play touches

Instead, she stares blankly ahead

With human eyes, devoid of charcoal outlines

From a world she vaguely remembers belonging to

My world

The world of loneliness and chastity

Where morals override everything she lives for

While I do the same

From a world I can't seem to escape

Ideally, we'd change roles to pull through

She would shyly wait behind her door

For me to find her, wherever she is

And confess my undying love

With a middle school blush

And she wouldn't have to whore herself

To everyone she sees

And I wouldn't have to hide myself

From everything that looks

But what I feel somehow doesn't measure up to love

I have a feeling that tonight is the first night

She's ever been alone with her thoughts

And the first night I've known I would survive

If she never thought of me again