Movement I: Bird Bath

"Pray for me." – Queen Adreena

we fuck in the bird bath;
with the rocks of stained glass,

where the mint leaves of night
cut deep between my thighs.

old water, dirty water,
clean water, pure water.

we fuck alone in the bird bath
with all the people from the past.

wouldn't it be lovely if under the stars,
we could compare our old cuts and scars?

but you my love were never smashed,
so you fuck me to pieces in the stone bird bath.

my rainbow hair
and my sparking wings
fall to the ground
among other things.

your rainbow hate
and your sparkling sex
fuck me apart
in the stone bird bath.

eleven eleven reasons why
i never told you i could lie.

eleven eleven things that you smash
as you fuck me apart in the stone bird bath.