Forget this years christmas card
Its my eulogy you'll be writing
I've read and reread my diary
To figure out what went wrong
Its not for lack of trying
But the doctor tells me I'm dying

Juice boxes to fridge packs
To six packs to liver failure
To doctors too sick to death

Don't forget to put the dishes away
I passed out while washing them
Don't forget to take the turkey out
I hope it didn't get burnt
You tell me to close my eyes
I say you're foggy and distant
You say that's because I'm crying again
I'm staining my cheeks salty
Don't forget to leave a note at the desk
Reading "Thanks for the great service
Here's you tip: you can never..."

Love too much
Live too fast
Move too slow
Die too quick
Kiss her while you can, it might be your last
It might be your last chance

I'm hooked up to the tubes keeping me alive
I'd tell you the truth but you'd not believe
I'm useless, I have turned out to be one sorry sack of shit
Just to be aware that all my self doubts are true
It breaks me up inside
I can't breathe anymore and its going dark
Your cheek is pressed against my lips
You feel my last breath
But its not over, I'm slightly to the left of death

Fingers to crayons to markers
To pencils to pens
To paints to Pink Ladies

I'm completely broken in the after
Just as I was in life
But there is no need in hiding
I'm still in love with you