Met someone in passing who considers
That all the ails of this world belong to
Them and them alone.
For me it is difficult to imagine anyone being
THAT important in Life.
We each are given to contribute for the most part
Some contribute more so on the side of the Worthy
While as others contribute more so rather
To the Demise of situations.
Then Yes, there are those who in essence really
Never seem to contribute at all
Rather the takers who take from all,
Who are greedy, selfish and cruel in nature.

To be so full of Self to think that they alone
Hold the power of what Stays and what Gives-way
Totally is beyond belief
I mean like Let's Get Real here...
If you got something to say
And to you it is vital, it holds meaning deep
Then PLEASE speak forth and give no thot
To what the reactions of another will be
Unless of course you can "see" into the future and
You KNOW the reactions of another in advance
Unless you KNOW all hell will break loose and
That is your desire not

What? have you no faith in your personal thots
You fear, you cower, you share in secrete....
Yet what you share in secrete you are not
publicly bound to...What gives???
Then you are given to worry for not standing
According to your privately held thots
There is a place of becoming whole
To be real
To where what is said in private
May from the housetops be proclaimed

To you who from your vantage point
Holds power of control
If only it is that you should speak forth
While as your silence too is thot to also
Control the doings of another's life
I make request of you
To NOT be my judge-in-advance
For you know not what responses
If any at all...more likely none,
Rather more so to ignore will be the response that
Will proceed forth...
Given all the mounted heaps of bickerings
That to this plane of living here have
Ventured journeyed onto
A plane to which the call can be heard
Arise and come up higher still
New Heights to venture onto
The battle current is not yours

Be person enough to stand for your deep held thots
Without placing blame on me or another
For your not courage taking
What? no disagreements can you tolerate
Some thrive on deep as it were communication
Those lively talks that quicken the mind
That stir the soul
That enlivens the spirit and that
Yes, at times gives way to heated debates
That to others is more a struggle to the end
Where such an ending brings seemingly
Only death and
Death is feared...therefore please do not talk
For I can not tolerate deep
Heart-to-Heart Discussions of others taking place

Then it is that Others desire
The seemingly mundane talks
The conversations safe....and boring
But that's o.k. to be "Bored to death!"
After all others in their comfort zone are
Given to remain...and let us only strive to meet
My needs, wants and desires....
In some respects we EACH are a
Small fragment of being in the
Center of the Universe but...
To think one's self as an Absolute power or
More so Absolute right,
Absolute morality or so
Proclaims your mind
Get Real!