~ I'm Ann and this is a long story. It happened when everything wasn't peaceful and we had normal lives. Daryl and I had known each other all our lives, and when we got into the middle school, Daryl made friends with Trez and Mar. Daryl, you could say, wasn't great on looks, short brown hair, green eyes, and he was a sweetheart. Trez was the good looking guy, he had long light blue hair and brown eyes. Those eyes didn't go well with his looks, but come to think of it none of ours did. It was just a default that we couldn't figure out. Now Mar was a soft guy with a little attitude. He had long brown hair that he always pulled back into a braid. I never figured out how he learned to braid it. Trez said Mar's mother died when he was in elementary, then his father abandoned him. Trez and his mother took him into their home. I guess Mar learned how to braid his hair before his mother died. His eyes were violet, and one thing that I always thought was weird, was that he wore black boots that went up just below his knees with his black pants. Then, in high school I met Ami and Cheri. Cheri was tough and a little on the Tomboy side. Her hair color was similar to mine, a little darker, and her hair, what we liked to call it was stringy. Ami on the other hand was the real deal. Long blue hair and she was tall. Taller than me, and she wore makeup, much more makeup than Cheri and me. Those eyes she had though were turquoise, another default in our group. Yeah, we were like a bunch of friends just waiting for another to come along! Well, she did, Rika the brains of our group came into our lives. She had glasses, brown hair and blue eyes. Her brown hair was pulled back into a sophisticated bun. She was the one who wore skirts. Way more proper than I ever would be, and that day I met her, was hot. Come to think of it, it was the hottest day of the year. June 10, 2010 was the day. It usually wasn't that hot in June. Yeah, it was a strange day for all of us... That was the day that changed our lives... ~
Orza stands looking over Onyx's shoulder. "Hmm?"
"I can't work when you're watching me like that!!"
"I just wanted to see what you were doing."
Orza backs up a couple of steps. Onyx is sitting at his control desk working on something important. "I'm as eager as you to get this thing working."
"How far are you?"
Onyx keeps on typing. Several images appear on the screens in front
of them. "It's hard to tell. For some reason our energy orb doesn't want
to connect with the Sun."
Orza walks over to a velvet bench and sits down. "We'll never get off here. It's so gloomy and dark. Why did we even come here?!"
"Remember the wars? They were invading space. We had to get away from them."
"Why? If we had enough energy to set up our palace on the Sun
then why didn't we just attack?"
"There were too many and it would have been a great waste of energy to attack them."
"Don't we want the people on Earth to suffer?"
Onyx keeps on typing. "Well?"
"To Queen Mancala maybe, but I prefer not to."
Orza stands up. "You're really kind, Onyx."
"Why shouldn't I be? That was our home planet!!"
He smashes his hand on the keys. Orza walks over to him. She puts her hand on his shoulder. "Why should we remember the past? This
life is better for us."
"How can you be so sure?"
"Look at all the things Queen Mancala has given us."
"Power? We don't have power!! We have nothing right now!!"
He slams both of his hands on the keys and some of them short out.
Orza grabs his shoulders. "Onyx!! If you keep ruining our system we never will!!"
He looks at the screens. One is blinking on and off. "That's it!!"
He starts typing incredibly fast. "Huh? Onyx?"
"Orza!! I figured it out!!"
"You know how to get the orb working again?!"
"Yes!! Except..."
"Except what?!"
"It's going to be awhile before it's actually up and running. I have to go through so many operations."
"Great. Well I better be going. I'm wasting my time here."
"Sure you are. Rather be with someone else?"
She bends over and kisses him on the cheek. "You're the only one for me."
She walks towards the door and leaves. "Don't worry Orza I'll get it working again."
Orza stands by the door and looks at the wall. "It's getting hotter in here."
She touches something on the wall. "The heat is rising. Our barriers
are weakening."
She backs away from the wall and touches her chest. "Hurry Onyx...
We're all going to die."
Emriss sits in her red chair in her room. She's holding a flat disk in
the shape of a sun. "The energy is draining, Stone."
Stone is leaning on the wall next to her holding a wineglass filled with grape wine. "Yes, not much longer and we will be dead."
He gets up and walks towards the door. "Not yet!"
Emriss stands up and throws the disk at him. He catches it with two fingers. "Emriss, you're sun disk isn't even working."
He throws it back at her and she catches it. "At least I don't sit around all day drinking wine."
She smiles then sits back down. "What else should I do?"
"Be with me."
"I am with you. I'm always with you."
He walks back over to her and leans on her chair. "But you're drunk half the time."
"At least I enjoy myself."
He takes a sip of the wine. Emriss examines her disk. "We were so happy on Earth. Why did we leave?"
"I don't remember."
"All our memories were lost. Is Queen Mancala hiding something from us?"
"I think we are just her pawns in a game. She's using us to make her goal. She wants to attack Earth."
Emriss looks up at him. "You believe so much?!?!"
"I don't believe. I know."
"What? How could you know?"
"I can't tell you, and any ways if we don't follow her plans, we die
within a second!!"
She starts to examine the disk again. "Yes, she does have a strong hold on us."
He takes another sip of his wine. "Very strong."
Queen Mancala sits in her throne stroking Criz's hair. He's asleep.
"I sometimes despise you, but you are so young. You're only ten, you were so young when I snatched you from Earth."
Criz starts coughing and moaning. Sweet droplets run down his face. "What's this?"
She sniffs the air. "We are running out of oxygen. The temperature is rising incredibly fast. Why isn't Onyx getting our energy orb to work here?!?!"
Criz starts to tremble. "It's alright my son. You're brother will get it working again."
She starts stroking his hair again. He starts mumbling to himself.
"I'm right here."
His eyes open and he stares at Queen Mancala for a moment. "What?"
"Criz, you fell asleep."
He stands up and walks for the door. "Where are you going?"
"I guess I get so lonely in this place I come here and waste my time!! Why do you treat me like I'm your only son? I hate it here!!"
"What are you talking about?!?! You have power!! How can you not like it here?"
"I have no power!! And why should having power make you so happy?!?"
"I guess it shouldn't, but you keep me company."
"I'm not even your son! I know you stole us away from our real parents!!"
"Maybe I did and I need to care for someone!"
"Care for Jade and Orza, but how could a monster care for her real children?"
He walks out the door and slams it. Queen Mancala makes a fist with her right hand. "How dare he?! I care for Jade and Orza and I'm not a monster!! But he's just a boy and he doesn't understand. Why do I keep telling myself that?! I should kill him, but I can't. I wonder why. Onyx better get our barriers working again or my family will die. Maybe that's why he called me a monster, because I don't need oxygen to live. It doesn't matter. He'll understand our ways soon enough."
Ann steps out on her front porch holding a big blue ball. "Ha ha!"
She runs off the steps and sees Daryl. "Daryl catch!"
Daryl turns his head in time to see the blue ball flying towards him. He catches it and falls down. Ann runs towards him. "Daryl!"
She jumps on the ball witch is on top of him. "He he! Hi Daryl!"
"You're in a good mood. Still acting like a child, I see."
She makes a fist with her hand. "Hey!! I'm not a child!"
She tries to smack him, but rolls over the ball and lands on the ground. Daryl stands up and holds the ball. "I can't believe you still
play with this thing."
"When you live out in the country, it comes in handy."
She stands up and snatches the ball from him. A girl about their age
stands behind him. "So, who'd ya bring today?"
"Ann, this is Rika."
Rika walks in front of Daryl. She puts out her hand. "Hi!"
Ann just gives her a strange look. "And what planet are you from?"
Ann sees her glasses. "Are you a nerd or what?"
Rika draws back her hand. "Well..."
"Hey I was just getting to know her, Daryl."
"Well any ways Ann. She may be smart but she isn't a nerd. Why
can't you ever be nice?"
"I'm just not use to getting a proper greeting."
"Rika is very proper."
"Thanks Daryl."
Ann sets the ball down. "Sorry, Rika. I guess I was being rude."
"It's okay. I'm use to a bad response."
"So, Daryl, who's coming today?"
They all walk over towards the field. "The guys, Cheri, and Ami."
"The guys? Cool!"
Rika fixes her glasses. "Who are the guys?"
"Just some of my friends."
"Your friends? Excuse me! They are like my friends!"
"Just kidding. Rika, they are like the coolest guys. I don't even know why they hang around us."
"Ann, they hang around us, because they like us."
"Oh yeah."
A car pulls up and four kids step out of it. Ann starts waving. "Hey peeps!"
The kids run towards the field and the car pulls away. "Hey Ann!"
"Hi Ami!"
"Hi Daryl."
Ami walks past him and the rest of the kids head towards the field.
"I never figured out why she despises me."
"I haven't either, Daryl."
Ann looks up at the sky. "It's really sunny today."
Trez walks up behind her. "It's hot to."
He takes off his shirt and throws it on the ground. "Doesn't look like I will be needing that."
Ann blushes. "Alright!!"
Trez gives her a strange look. "Huh?"
"Uh... uh... let's do something."
Mar takes off his shirt also. "What are we going to do? Usually we just hang out and talk."
"Well Mar, we could..."
Ann looks up at the sun and shields her eyes. "It's so bright and hot."
"Yeah, this is suppose to be the hottest day ever."
Rika walks up next to Mar. "Hello, so your name's Mar. I'm Rika. Is that a nick name?"
"Uh yeah my full name is Marcasite. It's a..."
"I know it's a stone. A nice one."
"Sure, my mom had a thing with them and that was her favorite."
Ann whispers into Rika's ear. "He doesn't like being called that."
"Oh yeah."
They all sit down in a circle in the field. "Well guys, we have enough members now."
Cheri puts her head on her hands. "Members for what?"
"I don't know. I was thinking we could start a group of best friends."
"Sure, but what would we call ourselves?"
They sit in silence for a moment. "The Seven Crystal Warriors!!"
"Uh, I really don't know. It was the first thing that popped into my mind."
Cheri puts her hands behind her head and lies back. "It sounds good, I was just wondering why you thought of that."
They all lie back except for Rika. "Guys, maybe we should go inside, I think it's too hot to be outside."
Cheri pats her on the back. "Hey girl, stop acting like my momma."
Rika lies back. Ann takes Trez's hand. "Hey, should we have like nicknames?"
Citrine sits in his throne holding a glass of red wine. Jade is at the other end of the room. "Citrine, our oxygen level is going down."
"You need oxygen?"
"Yes I do! I'm not all like my mother!"
"You have her mind."
She turns her head. "Mind of evil?"
He takes a sip of the wine. "Of course."
"I could take you with me."
He puts out his free hand and she floats towards him. "You already have."
He kisses her on the cheek. "Evil? You really think my mother is evil?"
"I don't like her plans, bringing us to death!"
Her lips come closer to his. "Let me help you."
She puts her hand on his shoulder and she kisses him hard on the lips. She closes her eyes and he stands up. He takes her into a embrace and kisses her harder. His eyes turn cold and black. Then he lets go
of her. "My mother's plans will be fine."
"Of course."
"There won't be any more confusion around here."
"Yes, there won't be."
Onyx sits typing rapidly. Sweat droplets run down his face. "It's hot in here. I really need to get this thing working. Those emergencies barriers won't last much longer."
He keeps trying to take in air. "The air... it's... gone..."
He collapse on the floor. "Need... to get this... working..."
Orza opens the door and walks in. "Onyx!!"
She runs over to him and starts shaking him. She starts coughing.
She faints and falls on top of him. "Orza... I'm sorry..."
He starts to shut his eyes but he sees the image that had popped up on the screen. He stares at it for a moment then his eyes widen. "That's it..."
He raises his hand trying to reach the control panel. "Come on..."
He grabs it and slowly pulls himself up. "To get it working... I have to switch the formulas..."
He starts pushing some keys. He stops and kneels down next to the control panel. He starts to cough. "It's lost..."
He lies back down. The screen is blinking on and off. "No..."
He faints.
Jade leans her head on Citrine's shoulder. "Citrine... you have to get out of this place..."
"No! I won't leave you!!"
He starts coughing and stands up. Jade tries to cling on to his shoulder but she falls onto his throne. "Jade!!"
He shakes her but she is unconscious. "I'll go find Onyx."
He runs out of the room covering his mouth. The rooms and hallways have turned pitch black. He makes it to the control room. "Onyx!!"
He opens the door and runs over to the frail bodies on the ground.
"Come on, Onyx..."
Citrine looks at the blinking screen. "You've found it!"
He starts searching the controls. "I should have listened to
He pushes one of the buttons then collapses. Moments later Onyx wakes up. "What?"
He rubs his eyes. "Am I dead?"
He stand up and looks at the energy orb. It's floating above the control panel. "It's like a sun."
He strokes his hand over it. It's golden yellow and has two black lightning lines running over it. "I don't believe it, but how?"
He glances over at Citrine lying on the ground. He walks over to him and hugs him. "Thanks brother, you saved our lives."
Citrine's eyes slowly open. "No, you did."
Onyx helps him up. "What should we do now?"
"How's Orza?"
"I think I'll let her get some rest."
"You're going to have to teach us how we get this thing working."
"You wouldn't understand."
"You're right."
Onyx picks up Orza and heads out the room with Citrine. Queen Mancala walks down the hallway towards them. She's carrying a staff that goes above her head and almost hits the ceiling. On top of it is a claw holding a golden stone. "Good job, Onyx. You saved our lives. I shall give you what you've been waiting for."
She lowers the staff over their heads. Onyx starts backing up. "What are you doing?"
"Stand still!!"
He stops and a yellow light surrounds them. Citrine can feel his body filling with dark energy. The light disappears and she raises the staff.
"Do you feel more powerful?"
Citrine shoots a blast of energy at the wall. "Yes!"
"It's good that you feel powerful, but don't wreck my palace!!"
She looks at Onyx. He's walking towards Orza's room. "Onyx, how do you feel?"
"Then you need another energy boost."
"Well I don't want it now."
He keeps on walking. "Onyx! You will obey me."
"Not if I don't want to."
He leaves only darkness behind him. "Citrine, I have given the others their energy boost and your brother Criz is willing to fight now."
"I thought he hated you."
"Lets say he had a change of heart."
"What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to help him make it to Earth. It will be possible that he could not make it with that war going on. You could even maybe fight with the rest of your brothers in them..."
"Well, Onyx is not in a good mood. Jade will surely go along with me."
"I don't want you putting my daughter in danger!"
"Only if she is willing to go."
"Fine, she is a strong warrior."
Citrine walks into his room. "Jade, what are you doing?"
"Drinking your wine."
"I'm crazy and full of energy."
"Stop it, come on we have work to do."
She sets the wine bottle down and walks over to him. "Oh yeah, we have tons of work to do."
She pushes him on the bed and crawls over him. "Jade, I'm talking about attacking those humans who are invading space!"
She pushes his head down and starts kissing him hard on the lips.
"Well those humans will just have to wait!"
She starts unbuttoning his shirt. He grabs her arm and she stops.
"Your mother's order."
She stands up. "Fine, come on then, we have to get our energy protectors."
He stands up and buttons his shirt. "Alright, but Criz is the one who's going to Earth and attacking."
Jade walks to the door and starts thinking ~ She's going through with her plans and he doesn't even notice that she's attacking their home planet. ~
Citrine walks up to her. He kisses her on the cheek. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing, let's go."
"Commander, we are being drawn closer to the sun!"
"Keep at it. If we don't over power them, they will take over the command center."
"Commander! We have no advantage!!"
"Just keep at it! Stop transmission."
The radio signal in the fighter's cockpit goes out. "We're going to die and he doesn't even care."
He pushes some controls then looks through the glass overhead.
"What's that shadow?"
He flies his ship closer to it. "It's a human!!"
Citrine floats up to the glass. "I'm not just any human. I'm your worst nightmare!!"
Citrine shoots yellow energy at him. The ship blows up and he backs away. Jade comes up behind him. "Isn't this fun?! Ha ha!"
She takes the white ball that she is holding and throws it at one of the ships. The ship is wasted and the ball comes back. She takes out a green cloth with their symbol on it and polishes the ball. "Ever since I got that energy boost I am so powerful!!"
Criz floats up behind them. "Citrine, I can do this by myself."
"Hey, this is fun."
Citrine pats him on the back. "You're sure you're going to be alright?"
"I'll be fine I'm so ready for this."
"Don't come back empty handed."
"Just kidding. I don't want you hurt."
"Don't worry!"
Criz jumps up and gives him a hug. Jade throws her ball again and turns to look at them. "I thought you weren't a kid."
Criz gets down and shakes Jade's hand. "Can I go now?"
"Go ahead they won't be coming any farther."
"What are you guys going to be doing then?"
Citrine catches Jade's ball. "We'll finish most of them off and take over that command center."
"Yeah, for now they are gone, but more will come to inspect what happened, but they shouldn't be a problem. Hey, you better get going or Queen Mancala isn't going to appreciate you."
"I shouldn't have a problem with her. Bye brother."
Criz floats away towards Earth. Citrine hands Jade the ball. "You are nice to him."
"He's young and my mother seems to trust him, even though he despises her. I wonder why."
"Oh he doesn't. Why did you think he did?"
Jade throws the ball again and starts thinking. ~ They don't remember how Earth was their home planet. How sad, they'll destroy it and not know what they did. I want to do something, but my mother would kill me. I'm sorry Criz. You wanted to go back. Well after you destroy that planet there will be nothing left to go back to. ~
Ann points at a cloud. "It looks like a cherry."
Cheri picks up a piece of wheat and starts chewing on it. "Really?"
"No silly a real cherry."
"I hate Cherries, my mom was the one who liked them."
"That's odd."
Rika sits up. "Hey guys look at that."
She points to a dark shadow growing over the sky. Mar sits up. "Rika, what is it?"
"I don't know."
The shadow comes closer and they all stand up. Ann pushes them back. "Guys, I think we should get in the house!"
"You're not going anywhere!"
Ann turns around and Criz is floating above her. "Ahh!! He can fly!!"
"I can do more than that!"
Trez starts laughing. Criz floats down close to him. "What are you laughing at?!"
"What do you plan on doing, kid?"
"I'm not a kid and I'm way more powerful than you'll ever be!"
Criz throws a blast of fire at them. Ann stands still and the rest of them start running. "Stop!!"
Daryl grabs her and jumps out of the way. They fall on the ground and Daryl is clinging tightly to her. "Oh no! The field is going to catch on fire!!"
She helps Daryl up and the rest of them are standing behind them. Flames are over taking the field rapidly. "It's going to spread to the woods!!"
They start waving their hands trying to put it out, then Daryl takes off his shirt and starts fanning the fire. "Ann!! This [Cough] isn't working!!!"
Trez walks up to Ann and grabs her waist and starts pulling her away. "Come on!! We have to get out of here!"
She keeps trying to fan it out. "No... I can't let this happen!"
Trez lets go of her. "I have this strong urge to do something."
Criz throws some more fire at Trez, but he dodges it. "There's nothing you can do!!"
Trez gets up and brushes off some ashes. "That's it, you little punk!!"
An aqua light glows over Trez's chest. He puts his hands out in front of him. "I won't let this happen to Ann!! Ahhh!!!"
A hard blast of water comes out of his hands and reaches the fire. It continues to shoot out till the fire is totally gone. He puts his hands down to his side and stares at the burnt field. "Woah!"
"What's this? Who are you?"
"Well uh..."
"No matter, I'll come back later."
Criz disappears. Ann runs up to Trez and hugs him. Daryl makes a fist and heads for the house. "Oh, Trez!! I don't know how you did it, but you were great!"
She kisses his cheek and he blushes. "I don't know how I did it either."
"Who cares!! Lets go inside!"
She grabs his hands and they all walk towards the house. "Hey Rika, where's Daryl?"
"He was in a bad mood. He went back to the house."
"I hope he's not mad."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Criz stands in a dark room filled with mirrors. "What was that? I've never seen or heard of a person like that!"
Criz walks over to one of the mirrors and he sees Queen Mancala glaring at him. "Yes?"
"What happened?"
"I don't know, this human used some kind of power and put out the fire!"
"A human did this?"
"Was there more than one?"
"He was around a bunch of kids, not my age."
"Oh, really?"
"Yes, I don't think I would get along with them."
"Who cares!! Your mission is to destroy the people of Earth for taking over space! If I had that crystal I would be able to do it myself!!"
"What crystal?"
"The Heart Crystal... Those kids must have it! That is the only way they could have that kind of power. You must destroy them and get me the crystal!"
"I don't wish to do that!!"
Queen Mancala starts thinking to herself. ~ The mind control I put on him when I gave him that energy boost is wearing off. ~
"Criz, I believe you need another energy boost."
Queen Mancala reaches through the mirror and grabs Criz's head. He tries to grab her arms. "No! Stop!"
She brings his head back and raises her staff over his face. The room starts to glow. "You will listen to me!"
Tears trickle down his face and the light disappears. "Carry on with your mission."
"Yes, Queen Mancala."
She brings her hand back in through the mirror and she disappears.
"So these kids on Earth have special powers like us? Ha, no one
can defeat my fire power!!"
The seven kids sit around a table in Ann's house. Ann gets up and walks over to her bed. "Guys, that was way weird."
Cheri takes a drink of her cola. "What do you expect us to do?"
"Didn't you see what Trez did?"
"Well yeah! It was kind of hard not to."
Ami scoots closer to Trez. Ann looks at her and starts to get angry. "Ami! A little help!"
"What do you expect me to do about it?"
Ann crosses her arms. "Well..."
Daryl grabs Ann's arm and starts tugging on her shirt. "Come on, Ann. Sit back down."
Ann calms her nerves and sits down. "It's not normal to just shoot water out of your hands."
Trez reaches across the table and grabs a cola. "Well, when it happened I felt like I had a great deal of energy in me."
"There has to be a logical explanation for all of this."
The wind picks up and blows the curtains everywhere. "Oh, there is!"
Criz flies in through the window and grabs Trez by the neck. "You and your punk friends are not going to defeat me this time!! You can't just gang up on a little kid."
Trez tries to loosen Criz's grip around his neck. Ann stands up and runs for Trez. "Let go of him!"
Criz puts out his free hand and a blast of wind sends Ann back into the wall. Trez keeps on trying to loosen Criz's grip. "Ann..."
"So, are these friends of yours going to help you?"
Daryl shakes Ann. "Ann! Get up!"
Ann's eyes slowly open. "Daryl, we have to do something!"
"We can't."
Cheri stands up and looks at Criz and Trez. "Wanna bet?"
Cheri crosses her arms above her head and a red light glows over her chest. "I am the Warrior of Fire!!"
She starts to spin and a red ribbon of fire wraps all around her body. When it disappears Cheri is covered in armor. She has no helmet but there is red armor around her stomach, chest, arms, and legs. The bare parts show a white shirt and white pants. Her eyelids have a dark red eye shadow on them and there is a red light glowing around her. Criz backs up a bit. "The Warrior of Fire? So you have the crystal!!"
Ann stands up. "Come on Cheri! He's only a kid!!"
She starts to spin again and she brings her hands above her head. "Fire Ball... Shoot!!"
A ball of fire comes out of her hands and surrounds Criz and Trez.
The ball around Criz and Trez disappears and Criz lets go of him. Trez falls to the ground a little burned. Ami runs to his side. Criz brushes himself off. "So you think you can fight fire with fire?"
"Well, I wasn't exactly thinking about that."
Rika adjust her glasses and walks over to Mar who is leaning against the wall on the other side of the room. "This is unbelievable!"
"No kidding. Come on Cheri!"
Cheri starts backing up. "Uh... guys! I don't think I can fight him alone! A little help over here!!"
Criz walks closer to her. "Are you afraid?"
"Ahh!! Guys!"
Cheri falls and crawls back towards Mar and Rika. "Ahh!"
Ann runs over to Cheri and helps her up. "Cheri! What are we going to do?"
Cheri stumbles back into the wall. "We? What do you mean we?"
Criz walks closer to Cheri. "Well? What are you waiting for? Take your best shot!"
Ann makes a fist and steps towards him. "Alright!"
Ann puts her hands out in front of her. One of her round crystal balls on her desk flies into her hands. A soft white light surrounds her chest. "I'm the Warrior of Light!"
Light surrounds her body and no one can see her. When the light disappears she is covered in an armor similar to Cheri's except it's white. A soft white light surrounds her whole body. She raises her crystal ball above her head. "Crystal Ball... Glow!!"
The ball starts to glow and she throws it at Criz and it hits him hard in the stomach. Criz backs up and the ball returns to Ann's hand. Criz clutches his stomach and backs up towards the window. "So, I misjudged you."
Mar makes a fist and walks towards Criz. "You sure did, you little punk!! Who do you think you are?!"
Criz jumps up to the window and stands straight up. "I am Criz, of the Dark Sun. Mission: Destroy the people of Earth and find the Heart Crystal."
Criz jumps back and disappears. Mar looks at Ann. "What was that all about?"
Cheri touches her chest and the armor disappears except for the red light that's still glowing around her chest. "Really, Ann! I think my heart is going to burst!"
Ami helps Trez to his feet. "You seem to know a lot about this."
"Guys, how should I know?"
"You shouldn't."
They all hear a voice then a blurry image of a tall woman stands in the middle of them. She has light blue hair pulled back into a bun similar to Rika's. Ann touches her chest and the armor disappears except for the white light surrounding her chest. "Who are you?"
"My name is Fara. I'm here to help you understand this new power you have."
"Do we all have this power?"
Fara puts out her hand. Each of their chest start to glow with a different color. There's an aqua color around Trez's chest, the light around Rika's chest is pink, there's a yellow light surrounding Mar's chest, a green light around Ami's chest, and there's a dark blue light around Daryl's chest. Ami touches her chest. "This is weird!"
"You all have your own special power. Use it wisely to protect this planet."
Ann walks towards the image. "That really doesn't give us much information. What's this light?"
"That's where your power comes from, your heart. I'll help you more along the way."
"Who exactly are we fighting?"
Rika walks next to Ann. "It's the Dark Sun, right?"
Fara stares at Rika in silence for a moment. "You're beautiful Rika, and yes you are always right."
"You know me?"
"I know all of you and please protect this planet with your life."
Fara holds her hand out to Ann. "Please take this. You're their leader. When you need my help just throw this into the air and call my name."
Ann holds out her hands and Fara drops a small jewel in the shape of a heart into her hands. "I'm their leader?"
"Yes, the leader of the Seven Crystal Warriors."
Fara turns her head and stares worriedly at something. "I have to go! Please don't forget your duty. I'm sorry I can't help you more. They attacked earlier than I expected."
The image of Fara disappears and leaves them lost in their thoughts. Ann puts the jewel in her pocket. "The Seven Crystal Warriors."
The lights around their chest vanish. "I'm dreaming."
Daryl walks up behind Ann and Rika. "Rika, she seemed to like you."
"Yeah, I wonder why we were chosen to have this power. We're only 18."
"Did ya see that other guy? He was way younger than us, so this should be a cinch."
"But it's still just so weird."
Ami helps Trez over to Ann. "He did say he was from a family, so who knows who we're up against."
Trez lets go of Ami and walks over to Cheri. "Thanks."
"Hey, I didn't know I was going to fry you to."
"Just keep your fire away from me."
Mar walks over to the window and sticks his head outside. "He did a lot of damage."
Everyone stares at the broken glass and the huge hole where the window use to be. "Yep, guess I'll need a bigger window."
Mar brings his head back in and scratches the back of his head. "I wonder where he went to."
Ami starts picking up some big pieces of glass. "These guys are not natural beings we're talking about."
"We seem not to be making a big deal out of this."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, we were chosen to have these great powers, any normal person would freak."
"We're not normal."
"Guess we're not."
Cheri starts walking around and kicking at the air. "I felt so strong when I was in that armor. The Warrior of Fire, that's who I am."
Rika stops picking up glass and walks over to Ann. "We have to protect Earth right? Well, we'll need to do some research on these guys."
Ann gets up. "How?"
"I don't know, call Fara."
"Shouldn't we just use it for emergencies?"
"I'm curious."
Ann reaches into her pocket and pulls out the jewel. "Here it goes."
Ann throws the jewel into the air. "Fara!"
The jewel starts floating and an image of Fara appears. Her hair is coming out of the bun and there are scratches all over her body.
"Fara, what happened? You look worn out."
"It was... nothing. Why have you summoned me?"
"Rika, here, is curious."
"Fara, we need to know how we can do some research on these guys."
"You always were the smart one."
"I do have something for you, here."
Fara hands her a small square disk with a pink circle on it. "What's this?"
"It's a hologram disk. Push that circle and a small hologram keyboard comes up. The screen is just a hologram that the disk projects. You can use that when ever you need help."
"While I'm here, I might as well give you all the tools you'll need. Ann you already have the crystal ball, right?"
"The one I used, yeah."
"Mar, the Warrior of Earth, I give this to you."
Fara picks up a yellow glowing sword and hands it to Mar. "I use this?"
"Yes, and use it wisely. Ami, Warrior of Lightning, you can use this scepter to conduct you lightning."
Fara hands Ami a scepter. At the top is a green ball with a golden lightning rod inside of it. Ami takes the scepter and stares at it. "This
is amazing!"
"That's all you'll need, except... here, maybe these will come in handy."
She hands them each a watch, each with their color on it. Rika puts the watch on. "These are communicators!"
"If you guys get separated you can use these."
"Thanks, Fara."
"I must go now, the rest is up to you."
The image vanishes and the small jewel floats into Ann's hand. "I wonder what happened to her."
Ann puts the jewel back in her pocket. "Well Rika, you got what you wanted."
"And more! Look at this."
Rika touches the side of her glasses and they darken up with text. "I can analyze each one of you. I would know your name and everything without you telling me. There's data of everyone of us."
"Oh really? When's my b-day?"
"September 21, 1991. You're a Virgo."
"You're good!!"
"Speaking of birthdays, Mar, yours is June 18."
"Yeah, it's uh... coming up."
"I wont forget that, Gemini."
"Okay, you can put that away now."
Rika touches her glasses and the text vanishes. Ann gets up and walks over to her bed. "Guys it's getting late. Who's driving you home?"
Trez walks over to Ann. "Mar, here, is driving."
"Figures. Mar, you just got your license, don't drive so much."
"Hey, how do you expect me to become a famous race car driver if I don't drive?"
Ann lies back on the bed. "Whatever... Just don't hurt yourself."
Mar walks out the door. Cheri follows him. "Bye, Ann!"
"Bye, Cheri."
Daryl walks over to Rika and whispers something in her ear. Then, she walks out after Mar. She waves a hand to Ann. "Bye!"
"See ya, Rika."
Ami walks over to Trez and tugs on his arm. "Come on, Trez. We better get going."
Trez leans over Ann and kisses her on the forehead. "See ya later."
"Yeah... Bye."
Ami and Trez walk out the door leaving Ann and Daryl alone. "You better get going so Rika doesn't get mad."
"She's getting a ride home with Mar."
"Oh really?"
Daryl walks over to the bed and sits down next to her. "Really."
"So, why did you decide to stay?"
He lies back. "I have my reasons."
"Want to go downstairs?"
Ann and Daryl get up and walk downstairs. They walk out onto the porch and sit down on the swinging chair. "Daryl, doesn't this seem strange to you?"
"For some reason this all seems normal to me, ya know? Like it was in me my whole life."
"It does doesn't it?"
Daryl yawns and puts his arm around Ann. She seems startled but doesn't mind. "Daryl, I have an idea."
"They'll be looking for us right?"
"Yeah, now that they know we have this power, they'll probably want to destroy us."
"My mom rented this house for the summer. It's on the beach away from everything. Maybe I can convince her to let us stay there."
"Good idea. It will keep the commotion away from here."
Ann scoots closer to Daryl. She starts thinking. ~ Why does this seem normal. I love Trez, but being with Daryl right now makes me think, am I going about this the wrong way? ~
"Huh? Oh, uh... nothing. I was just thinking how nice this is. Looking up at the stars and everything. It's a nice night."
"For what?"
"I don't know."
Daryl leans over and kisses her on the cheek. "I better be going."
He gets up and Ann grabs his hand. "Wait."
"I don't want you to go yet."
He sits back down and Ann puts her head on his shoulder. "Don't leave."
"I won't."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Queen Mancala stands looking at a projected image of Daryl and Ann. "Those two look familiar..."
The image gets bigger and it shows a soft glow covering their chest.
"That's it, I knew she couldn't keep you away from me forever."
The image vanishes. "Citrine!"
Citrine teleports to the throne room. "Yes, Queen Mancala?"
"Bring the prisoner to me."
Citrine walks out of the room. "Yes... the prisoner."
Within a moment Citrine comes back dragging a woman in a white dress. Her blue hair is draped over her face and she is in gold cuffs. Citrine throws her on the ground in front of Queen Mancala. "Is there something you want to tell me?" The woman sits there in silence. "Fine!"
Queen Mancala puts out her hand and the woman starts to choke. She grabs at her neck furiously. "Well?"
Queen Mancala draws her hand back and the woman stands up. Her face is now seen to be Fara. "I know your making contact with them. There is no other way they would have been able to fight back like that! You gave them the crystal didn't you?
"I have done nothing to help them."
"Would you like to see what will happen to them?"
Queen Mancala puts out her hand and the image of Daryl and Ann appears. They seem to be dying. "I know they have the crystal, tell me!!"
"Please don't hurt them. It wasn't their fault that the crystals dissolved into their bodies."
" Crystals? There's more than one?"
"The Heart Crystal shattered when I sent them to Earth."
"So you sent them to Earth to be reborn and the crystal shattered?"
"I had to save their lives! Each piece of the crystal went into their bodies."
"Why didn't you go with them?'
"I couldn't, not after the crystal shattered. All I had left was Lectra in ruins."
Fara's face gets filled with tears. She starts sobbing. Queen Mancala looks around. She hears noises in the distance. "Who's there?"
No one answers. "So Queen Celia. Now that they're on that planet I will destroy them along with it and I will get those crystals! I'm just curious... How did you manage to live?"
"No! Do what you want to me, but leave them alone!!"
"I'll do what it takes to kill them and get that crystal. My intentions were to invade Earth and take over. Just like they took over space. Well we're getting it back!!"
"You can't!"
"Oh really?"
"With the Seven Crystal Warriors guarding Earth, you plans to take over will be ruined!"
"That crystal is harmless in that stage."
"Haven't you realized it's not that easy? They already have brought down one of your family many times."
Queen Mancala kicks her in the face and she falls back. Citrine grabs her shoulders and picks her up. "Should I kill her?"
"No, I might have use for her yet."
Queen Mancala touches the image and an image of Rika appears.
Celia tries to run for Queen Mancala but Citrine holds her back. "No!! Don't hurt her!"
"I'll do what it takes to get my revenge and destroy Earth. Citrine, you can take her back."
"NO!!! Rika!!"
"Come on!"
Citrine drags her out of the room. He takes her to a close by room and throws her in a cell that's filled with nothing but a small bed. It's pitch black and you can barely see. "I should just kill you, but I can't under Queen Mancala's orders."
"Why do you listen to her?! She's filling you with fear and hatred!"
"No talking!"
He kicks her through the bars and she falls back into the wall. She lifts up her knees and huddles in the corner, tears falling down her face. "That's right, there's nothing you can do about it."
Citrine leaves the room. Queen Mancala sits at her throne, very weary of who's in the throne room with her. Jade and Criz stand behind one of the poles in the darkness. Just where no one can see them. Criz whispers to Jade. "Where did he take her?"
You can tell that Queen Mancala's influence on Criz is wearing off. Criz starts to walk off, but Jade puts out her arm and stops him. "Wait, wait till she dozes off. If she catches us... who knows what will happen."
Queen Mancala looks around again. She thinks to herself. ~I know someone's there. I'll try not to doze off. ~
Moments pass and Queen Mancala is still awake. Jade backs up a bit. "Why hasn't she fallen asleep? She usually uses this time to get energy."
Jade looks around in the back behind some poles. "There has to be another way out."
She walks to the back and drags Criz along. She starts pushing on the wall. "Come on! Look for a door."
They both keep on pushing on the wall. Finally Jade stops and touches the wall. She starts to scratch it. "This part of the wall is incredibly soft. We can break through it, but it will cause some commotion."
"Why don't we just teleport?"
"Can't you see that the energy boost she gave you is wearing off? And I'm not about to leave you alone in here."
She starts kicking at the wall. "Come on help me!"
Criz walks over to her and puts out his hands and throws a fireball at the wall. It catches on fire and she gives him a mad look. "You said it was soft. You also said the energy boost was wearing off."
"It's hard to explain."
The wall starts to crumble. "Back up!"
The flames vanish and they leave a hole in the wall. "Good job."
Jade pushes Criz through the wall and she crawls in after him. She stumbles over something and falls. "What the?"
She turns around to find Queen Celia lying on the floor with a huge piece of stone on her foot. She sees them and covers her face.
"Queen Celia!"
Jade pauses for a moment then gets up and walks over to Queen Celia. She kneels down and touches her face. Queen Celia shakes and turns her head. "It's okay, I won't hurt you."
The dark energy starts to leave her body. Queen Celia looks up at Jade. "Help me."
Queen Celia points to her foot. Jade tries to pick up the stone. "Criz, come help me."
He walks over to her and starts to pick up the stone. They struggle for awhile and finally get it off her foot. "Thank you."
Queen Celia starts to rub her foot and looks at the wall. "What are you going to do about that?"
"I can fill it up with more stone."
Jade gets up and walks over to the wall. She reaches into a pocket on her dress and pulls out her white marble ball. She moves it over the hole and it starts to fill in with stone. When it's filled she puts the ball back in her pocket. "This shouldn't be a problem to get out of."
Criz stares at Queen Celia. "Why are you so sad?"
"I lost my home and I can do nothing to help my daughter and her friends."
She starts sobbing again. Jade walks over to her. "You're so thin, you must be hungry. You know, some of us are still human. I can get you some soup."
"Thank you for being so kind."
"It's the least I can do."
Jade pulls Criz along. "Come on, you don't need to bother her."
"Jade, I want to stay here."
"I wouldn't mind the company."
Jade lets go of Criz and works with the lock on the cell door. It loosens and she steps out. "Be back in a bit."
Jade leaves them alone. Criz turns to her. "Why did she take you prisoner?"
"She wanted the Heart Crystal, but I don't have it."
"Why are you still here, then?"
"I'm guessing she's going to use me to lure my daughter here."
"Why does she want your daughter?"
She giggles. "You ask a lot of questions. Let me show you something."
She reaches under her bed and pulls out a small square disk. She throws it into the air and a small image appears. "This is a communications disk. I can communicate with my daughter, but promise me you will keep this to yourself. I don't want Queen Mancala to know what I'm doing."
"I will."
She touches the image and a image of Ann and Daryl appears. Ann fell asleep on Daryl's shoulder. "Daryl, how are things?"
"I thought we could only use this?"
"I can to."
"Hey! He's the kid who attacked us."
"Criz, you were the one who attacked them?"
"Queen Mancala had ordered me to kill them."
"What?!?! He wants to kill us?!"
"Daryl, he's only a child."
Criz walks over to Queen Celia and sits on her lap. Daryl looks confused. "Then why did he attack us?"
"He was under Queen Mancala's influence."
"Hey, why is he with you?"
"It's a very long story, I don't even know where I am. So I couldn't tell you where to come."
"Why does our Queen want to take over?"
"She does what she can to get to them. Can I ask a favor of you?"
"Yes, but why do you want my help?"
"If you can influence your brothers not to attack Earth we will be somewhat saved."
"I never wanted to attack Earth. Sometimes I don't even remember why I did attack them."
"Like I said before your were under her influence, just like Jade was. Now I know that Jade is a good person. I knew her when she was very little."
Ann starts to stir. "Fara I better get going Ann is starting to wake up."
"I'll do what I can from here and if they attack again, you will know what to do."
The image disappears and she puts the disk back under the bed. "Why did he call you Fara?"
"It was necessary to give him a false name."
Suddenly the door opens and Jade walks in. "Alright, I was able to get you some soup and water."
She looks at them and stares. Criz gives her a weird look. "What is it, Jade?"
"You two just remind me of something."
She sets the soup down besides Queen Celia and sits down next to them. "Criz, I want you to know that when I'm just filled with evil energy. I lose all interest in other people, but I'm really not like that. I think if it wasn't for Queen Celia I would have turned out just like my mother..."
~ She starts talking about a flashback. She's really young and she's running through corridors as the ceiling tumbles to the ground. She's in tears. "Mommy!"
She runs to the end of the hall till she reaches a room and she runs into a woman. Jade falls to the ground and backs up. She starts quivering. "No!!"
The woman looks up, then runs for Jade and covers her with her cape that's hanging off the back of her dress. Jade hears rumbles all around her. The woman picks her up and runs for the balcony. "I have to get you out of here."
Jade sees the building fall all around her. They reach the balcony and she sets her down. The woman looks over the side of the balcony to find six dead kids. "Oh no, where's Rika?!"
Jade backs up into another woman. She turns around to find her mother standing behind her. She goes to speak, but Queen Mancala covers her mouth and picks her up. The woman looks over the side and sees her daughter, Rika, struggling to reach her mother, Queen Celia. "Mother!"
Suddenly out of no where a blast of energy hits Rika in the back and she falls over, dead. "RIKA!!"
Queen Celia falls to her knees and starts sobbing. Jade loosens her mothers grip on her mouth. "She looks so sad."
"I'll put her out of her misery."
Queen Mancala raises her hand to produce a ball of energy. Jade grabs at her arm. "Mother No!!"
Queen Celia turns in time to see them and she blocks the attack with the Heart Crystal. "I wont let you ruin their future!"
She stands up and pushes Queen Mancala down. Jade runs over to Queen Celia and grabs her dress. "Don't worry, I wont hurt your mother."
"Don't let her hurt me."
Queen Mancala starts to get up. "Leave my child alone!!"
Queen Celia raises the crystal up and the energy covers Queen Mancala. It knocks her down once more. Jade hangs on tighter to her. She buries her head in Queen Celia's dress. "You must go with her."
She lifts her head up. "What are you going to do to her?"
"I can't kill a child's mother, no matter how evil she might be."
Queen Celia raises the crystal over Queen Mancala's head. "I'm sending you far into the UN reachable areas of space. I'm hoping you will never be able to return here or to another planet like Lectra."
"Don't worry Queen Celia, I'll be back."
The light from the crystal surrounds her body and she is captured into a round crystal ball. She starts banging on the sides. "Let me go!"
Queen Celia bends down and hugs Jade. "You must go with her. Hopefully she will learn the good ways and be able to take care of you. I don't have much power left, so you must hurry."
"She might hurt me."
"If she is a true mother she would never hurt her children."
Queen Celia picks her up and puts her into the crystal ball. "I'll return to get that crystal!! There will be times when you won't be so lucky!!"
Queen Celia raises the crystal again and the ball disappears. She walks off the balcony and runs to Rika's side. Everything around her is in ruins and what was once a peaceful and bright kingdom is now a cold and bleak ruins. "Oh Rika, you'll be alright."
She raises the crystal once more and all the children are covered in crystal balls. The balls float into the air and Queen Celia walks over to Rika's. "Rika, I am powerless now, so I will leave you with what power I have left. I hope you will be able to find a better future on Earth. You always did love to hear stories about that planet. I just hope you can make the journey out of our galaxy."
She places the crystal over Rika's heart and she sends them all into the air. When they get up into the sky a bright light surrounds them and she hears a crash. "What?"
She sees the crystal shatter into seven pieces. "No, the crystal mustn't break!!"
Each piece dissolves into each of their bodies. Then the balls leave the planet. "No!! This isn't happening. Oh, Rika, I hope you will be able to find one another."
Queen Celia is left alone on her wrecked planet, Lectra with nothing except an old kingdom. ~
Queen Celia ends the story with Criz listening closely. "Did that really happen?"
"All of it did, Criz."
"Where did I come from then?"
They all hear the door creak open and Orza steps in. "I heard some voices. Jade, what are you doing?"
"I was keeping her company and telling Criz about what happened so long ago."
"And he understood it all?"
Queen Celia comes in on the conversation. "He's a smart boy."
Criz smiles. "Thanks."
"Jade, if I were you I would leave. If Queen Mancala catches you in here, who knows what she'll do."
"Alright, come on Criz. We have to go."
Criz gets up and walks out the door. "Bye."
Jade leans over and picks up the empty soup bowl. "I wish I could help you more, but I have no idea how."
"I understand. You are very nice to that boy."
"He's like a son to me. If you weren't so nice to children, I don't know what I would have done."
Jade gets up and walks out of the room. Queen Celia just stares at her. "A fateful mother knows how to treat her children and when she rules a kingdom, every child is like one of her own."
"I'll remember that."