~ Its August now. As you already know Queen Celia is the Queen of Lectra. She talked to me about it and she doesn't plan on going back till next year. `Ann, I have some catching up to do with Rika and I hope you understand that.'
I did. Besides it would be a good thing for Rika to get to know her real mother. Her mom had died in a car crash and after that her dad had a heart attack when she was young. ~
- Rika sits on the front steps of her old house crying. A little boy abou her age walks up to her. "Why are you crying?"
She lifts up her head and wipes her eyes. "My daddy just died and they're taking me to my aunt's house far away from here."
The boy sits next to her. "What's wrong with your aunt?"
"She's mean and I don't know anybody where she is. I have to leave all my pets behind adn they were my only friends."
She starts to cry again. He puts his arm around her. "I'm Daryl and I am sorry that I didn't know you before, because I live in this neighborhood."
She stops crying and looks at him. "I'm Rika."
He takes off a pink bracelet around his wrist and hands it to her. "Lets be friends so you know you have a friend that will miss you when you are gone."
He puts it on her wrist. "Friends should never let friends down."
He hugs her then stands up. He starts to walk away and Rika stands up to and runs into her old house. He stands there for a minute and she comes back out holding a kitten. She hands it to him and he takes it. "You can have her."
"Thank you."
He starts to walk away and Rika smiles. "I will never forget you!!" -
~ Well, Rika later on moved back to that same subdivison with her aunt and she met back up with Daryl and then he brought her here. Rika decided she wanted to go to Colorado for collage. I wouldn't blame her, it was a good college. She wanted to be a space astuarant and Mar went with her to study alongside that. Queen Celia was able to get a house there. Don't ask how she did it. She's a woman full a great mystery. As for Cheri, it turns out she wasn't as solo as she thought. Her step parents were rich and they were able to give her a job at her old high school. She taught cooking there and well Citrine was her asst. Stone and Emriss ended up buying the beach house from the owners and Onyx and Orza were going to live there till next year when all of them would go back to Lectra. I decided to stay in South Carolina to. My mom didn't deserve to be lonely. Daryl tries to convince me to think about my career, about what I really wanted to do. ~
- Ann is sitting on the dock at the beach house and Daryl walks up behind her. "I'm leaving now, Ann."
He sets his bag down and sits next to her. "You really got to think about your career. This college isn't the best for you. You've been accepted at so many other places, Michigan State, Colorado. Ann, your mom is going to be fine."
"Daryl, I'm going to stay here and you can't change my mind."
Ann turns her head and looks at him. Her dark pink hair flowing in the wind. Daryl turns his head and stares at her. She brings her head closer to his and they kiss for the first time. The moment is ruined by Trez beeping the horn of his minivan. "Come on, Daryl!"
Daryl gets up and picks up his bag. "I'll see you over the summer then."
She tucks one of her braids behind her ear. "You will call me when you get there, right?"
He kneels down and gives her one last hug and leaves. He gets in the car and rolls down the window. Ann yells at him from the hill. "I'll miss you!!" -
~ Daryl and Trez were going to Michigan State. Trez's mom was able to have them stay in the same dorm room. Ami was going to the University of Michigan. When they meet up for a football game. They're going to have war. As for Iolite and Amber, well they decided to explore more of the world, hack into computers, find out more information for the near future. Our plan was to all meet back at the beach house on June 10, 2011. That's when we would say good bye to Queen Celia and the rest of them. ~
- The phone rings in the beach house and Ann answers it from her room. "Hello?"
"Hi, Ann. It's Cheri."
"Hey, Cheri, how is it down there in Florida?"
"It's okay, has Trez and Daryl left yet?"
Ann sighs. "Yeah."
"Oh, I was talking to Citrine and well I hate to say this, but I have decided to go to Lectra next year. So this teacher business is only going to last for one year."
Ann sits there in silence. "Ann? Ann!"
"Yeah, I'm still here."
"I know you're thinking about the crystals being seperated and all, but I was able to talk to Queen Celia and she said after the battle we had we were able to control the crystals ourselves."
"Okay, but I don't think we will be having any trouble anytime soon."
"Yeah, but just in case."
"Cheri, I better get going. Thanks for telling me ahead of time."
"No problem. Bye, Ann."
"Bye." -
~ Cheri decided to go with them. She wanted to be with Citrine and he was going. It might be better there, because its so peaceful, but I want to wait till Daryl finishes college and I can at least finish college here in South Carolina. About a month later after we got back Talc was on the News. He did what he wanted, World War III was over thanks to him. The president did decide to give him some land for doing so much for the country. Besides it was only a small portion of Asia. Talc requested if it could be a state and yes, it was named after him. Criz put that strange little idea into his head. It's fine as long as he doesn't do anythind stupid. Well, I won't be able to see my friends till next year. The anniversary of the battle on Lectra... ~