Bullets flying.
Grown men crying.
Bombs exploding.
Technicians decoding.
War at its worst.
Gunfire in a short burst.
Aimed in an arc towards me.
Causing me to flee.
Shooting back, with my gun.
The fight was almost done.
With a sweeping motion, I came to a stop.
I got shot in the leg, and to the ground I had to drop.
Grabbed a grenade, pullled the pin and let it fly.

It landed in front of my foe and he had to die.

I took my gun, and fired it at they're leader.
And my aim was true.
The bullets hit him.
And the rest of his crew.
The war was over.
The enemy retreated.
As we rounded them up.

We tied them with ropes.
And the battlefield was silent.