Always there, by my side,

Always there to depend on.

Always there when I need a friend,

Always there to hug.

Always there to give advice,

Always there to understand.

Always doing the best you can,

To help a friend in need.

Author's Note:

I added the "Always" at the beginning of almost every line, I just thought it might make the poem a bit interesting! I know it's not much, I just like writing light poems that have a true meaning in them; but I haven't ever written a really deep poem yet. I'm just thinking about it though. Please R&R. :) Your compliments & constructive criticism always counts! I like that bit of extra help. I just ask from you, that if you don't like my poem(s), just tell me why, and possibly how I could write differently. Don't just say: "I hate this poem." I like to read your reviews!

- Sarah