Friends until the Very End

You told me one day

When I was about to die

That we'd be friends until the very end

And guess what?

Those words saved and changed my life

These little five words

Are able to change anyone's life

Just like it changed mine

Now I've been living gleefully

Making new friends as my life continues

And I tell each and every one of them

What you told me

That we'd be friends until the very end

My life has never been better

But as I see love fading away from this world

I seem to forget those words you've told me

And I think I've lost love

But when I see people together

I remember what you've said

That we'd be friends until the very end

Now I'm crying with pain

That the end is near for you

You saved my life with those words

Now it's my turn to save you

My response to those words that you've said to me

Is that I'll always love you

I have to tell you those very same words again

Including those words you told me

I'm telling you now

I'll always love you

And we'll be friends until the very end

The time is coming closer

As my heart beats faster

The time I think is the end of you at last

Could this be the end of our friendship and love?

Or could this be the beginning?

You held my hand for the very last time

And told me that you'll always be there for me

That we'll still be friends until we meet again

And you'll love me forever

And I respond

I'll love you too until forever ends

At that very moment I felt an angel beside me

And I knew it was you

That you didn't leave me

But that you'll always be beside me

Everyone in the room started crying

But I just smiled

And told everyone that you're here

They smiled and started laughing quietly

But I just thought to myself

That we'd still be friends even when we meet again

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