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It's male x male, people. You've been warned, and all that. Cheers.

His fingers reach unconsciously to brush a strand of black hair tipped with navy blue behind his ear, legs sprawled and crossed lazily in front of him. He's wearing a black hoodie and jeans, showing off that he doesn't have to struggle to be pretty like I do with my eyeliner and my dark green shirt that I must have changed about ten times. After a minute he notices I'm looking at him.

"Bored with the movie?" he asks, turning his head so his eyes meet mine. I'm not just in love with him, I'm in love with his eyes. I live for the eyes.

We're watching a movie? For a minute I almost forgot we're in a theater. I smile slightly in response to the question. "Yeah," I answer. "Can't pay attention."

"It's almost over, anyway," he says, sitting up a bit straighter.

I watch him with interest. "Then I think we should… kiss or something."

"That would probably be appropriate," is the answer. Then he's leaning over, and once again I forget that we're in a movie theater and the ending music's playing.


My mother frowns at us when we walk out, holding hands with our fingers laced through each other. She's standing next to the car by the sidewalk, lightly swinging a ring with two keys. "Enjoy yourselves?" she asks disapprovingly. She puts up with me most of the time, but she's never forgiven me for being gay.

"Yes." I walk past her to the car and open the door to get in, pulling the black-haired boy in with me. My mother follows, looking at the two of us suspiciously. I look back blankly as if it's not completely obvious what we've been doing.

"I hope you didn't do anything indecent in there," she says as she sits down in the front seat and starts the engine.

"Mom," I say. "We were two irresponsible, hormonal teenage boys in a movie theater. Of course we didn't do anything indecent."

"That's not funny," she snaps. She turns the corner onto the street, heading for the park where my sister and her best friend are also waiting to be picked up. "You didn't kiss him, did you?"

"No," I answer, raising an eyebrow at the question. My mother glares at me in the rearview mirror, so I try again. "I didn't kiss him. He kissed me."

"In public?!" she spazzes. "In front of everyone in a movie theater?"

"I wouldn't mind doing it again," the boy next to me puts in, his eyes sliding over to me.

"Don't you dare!"

"Mom, watch where you're going!" I yell, and she jerks back to look at the road just in time to screech to a halt at the corner of the sidewalk where my eight-year-old sister is waiting.

She's bouncing up and down with impatience and excitement, talking animatedly to her blond-haired best friend next to her. As soon as the car stops, she yanks open the back door and scrambles in next to me, a huge grin on her face. Her friend climbs after her, and the car starts moving again. My mother is still stealing tight-lipped glances at me in the rearview mirror.

"See him?" my sister chirps, grabbing my arm and making me turn around a little for the blond girl to see. "This is my brother." She points to the boy with navy-blue-tipped hair sitting next to me. "And that's his boyfriend."

The blond girl's widen and she squeals, and my sister joins in. And then they're both staring at us and clasping their hands, still jabbering to each other- mostly about me.

It gets irritating fast. "Mom," I whine. "Do something about them!"

"They're not doing anything wrong."

"Your brother's got a boy-friend!" sings the little blond girl, still watching the two of us delightedly as if we're animals in a circus or something. "Make 'em do something! Make 'em kiss!"

"So you can watch?" I choke out incredulously.

"Yeah, I wanna see!"


"Girls," my mother says tiredly.

My sister reaches across me and seizes my boyfriend's sleeve. "Kiss him!" she demands.

I'm silently telling him that he had so better not do it…

But he does anyway.

About a minute later he's pulling away rather breathlessly, and by that time I've forgiven him as he licks his lips sexily. Frankly, I wish he'd do it again, if only the kids and my mother weren't there. At the moment, all three are staring at us in shock, although the young girls' shock is more of delight while my mother's is of pure horror. My boyfriend points a finger at my sister. "She made me do it."

"WHAT are you THINKING?" my mother hyperventilates, nearly forgetting that she's driving a car again. "And in front of your SISTER! You're both grounded for a month- no, a year! Two years!"

"Have I scarred them for life?" I ask with a grin, feeling rather dizzy and goofy after that kiss.

"You most certainly have!" my mother barks, her eyes fiery, but her voice is nearly drowned out by the wild giggles of my sister and her best friend. It's getting noisy in there.

I jab the black-haired boy with my elbow and say in a low voice, "Next time, we walk home."

He smiles. "Good idea."

I consider kissing him again- I really want to- but there's no telling how my sister and her friend will react to that, and my mother's ready to kill me as it is. So I just settle for wrapping my arms around him as comfortably as is possible in a backseat also occupied by two hyperactive eight-year-old girls.

They find it exceptionally amusing.

My mother doesn't.

Oh, well.