bones like fine china quavering (echoingintomine like capturingasecret) & i swear i'm in love with:

this anabeautiful romance

sweet&sour nostalgia - like snakesheddingskin - shrouding our subconscious

& we're so hurriedfrenziedrushed & just. so. passionate.

i strain my larynx, forcing the words to slither through my teeth that i know you're positively aching to hear:

my november girl

we burrow within one another, feeling our heartbeats staggering in the marrow of our bones

& my lips fumble against your hip bone as i whimperwhisper my insecurities into you because honestly i'm sick of this amaroidal taste & goddamnit i need redemption

sweat drips in the crevice of my thighs & i wipe the lipstick from your skin

slightly ashamed that i can't look back into your eyes & tell you how i really feel --