Take what you want from me, I won't let you keep me down like this forever.
Chapter 2: Its too Soon

I woke up the next morning to the phone ringing. It was Saturday. I had a huge headache from my hangover and the phone was making it worse. I picked it up.
"Kathy?" a male voice said.
"Its Paul. You told me to call you today, so here I am" he said shyly
"I did?" I didn't remember. The headache was killing me and it hurt to think.
"Yeah. Oh sorry to bother you. Um bye?" he said nervously
"No no wait. Its okay" I said quickly before he hung up.
"Okay good" he said relieved
"So… whats up?"
"Oh nothing just sitting here being bored. You want to do something today? We can bring Jess along too if you want"
"Sure that sounds cool. Like what?" I glanced at the clock. It was 2:00pm. Whoa I've been asleep for a LONG time.
"Well we could go to the mall or movies. Or swimming. Whatever. I have a pool at my house if you guys want to invite a ton of people and come swim. My parents are on vacation."
"Wait. You live with your parents? Shouldn't you live in a dorm or something?"

He laughed and then answered. "I'm from around here, In Morgantown. My parents live about a half an hour away from campus. I do live in a dorm on campus. You see I'm wanting to throw a party, and my parents are gone and they have a pool."

"OH. I understand! Sounds awesome. The pool definitely."
"Sweet alright be here at 4:00. Invite your friends" he gave me the directions.
"Okay see you then. Bye"
"Bye" I hung up the phone and a kind of butterfly feeling was in my stomach. I fell back onto my pillow and smiled big. I definitely had a crush on Paul. But I still love Evan. Even if he did cheat on me you can't turn feelings off that quick. It's humanly impossible. It will be nice to be around my friends without Evan around.

"Ooo who was that on the phone?" Jess rolled over smiling.

I giggled and she sat up quick.

"It was Paul wasn't it!" I nodded quickly. Jess was clutching her forehead.

"Damn hangovers are a bitch" She got up and ran to the bathroom. I heard some nasty noises of her throwing up and she came back into the room.

"Sorry. So what does he have planned?"

"He's gunna throw a pool party at his parent's house"

"Sweet! Let's get ready!"

I called everyone and told them to invite people. I called about 10 people and then they promised to call more. Paul is going to have a HUGE party. I got into my black bikini and put on waterproof mascara and pulled my hair up into a messy yet stylish bun. I pulled a black As I Lay Dying shirt on and a pair of jean shorts.

"Oh you look hot Kath" Jess said looking at me.

I laughed "You think so?" I said questioningly and stared into the mirror.

"Yeah he's not gunna be able to take his hands off you!"

"Jess… I just broke up with Evan jeez"

"Oh come Kath get over him and start experimenting with new guys! Hell knows he's doing the same!"

I looked at her and looked back at the mirror. When I was satisfied we walked out the door and into my car. I heard a couple of guys whistle and we laughed.

We finally found Paul's house and pulled into the driveway. It was tall like Jess's childhood home and it was gray and had white shutters. We walked up and rang the doorbell. He opened it and gave us each a huge hug.
"Where's everyone at?!" he said worried.
"They'll be here. I told them 4:15" I said
"Why?" Jess and Paul said.
"So we can hang out! Jeez!" I said laughing and running under Paul's arm and into the kitchen. I grabbed a chip from a bowl and threw it in my mouth and smiled as they stared at me.
"So show us you're pool" I said.
"Oh yeah!" He walked into the living room and opened the backdoor. We walked through and I was amazed at how huge it was. It was an in-ground pool and had a diving board and a slide and it went to 7 feet deep.
"Its perfect!" I exclaimed.
We went back inside and people started to arrive. Almost twenty people were there. It was amazing. People were swimming and people were sitting around drinking beer. Music was playing and we were having a blast. Jess was in the pool with our friends. I was too busy drinking a beer and talking with Paul on the deck. God he was amazing. We were so into each other too. It was like a dream come true. He was so gorgeous and the way he talked to me, the way he looked at me and way he smiled and drank his beer at the same time, it could just make you melt. Yeah I know its weird. I still love Evan but god Paul is giving him a run for his money! I'm so glad Evan isn't here or he would ruin this moment. Just my luck, right when I thought that guess who walks onto the back porch? Yeah you guessed it. Evan.

"Hey!" Evan said to the people outside smiling.
"Hey!" some people said enthusiastically. I turned my head and pretended I didn't see him and continued talking to Paul. He was talking about something but I wasn't paying attention. All I could focus on was the fact Evan was here and prayed to god Rebecca wasn't.

"Kathy… Kathy! Are you listening?" Paul said breaking my chain of thought.
"Oh I'm sorry Paul" I said.
"Its Evan huh?"
"I'm gunna get another beer you want one?"
"No I'll take a Coke though"
"Okay" He stood and walked into the kitchen. Just as he left Evan walked over to me. I glared at him. I forced a weak smile.
"Hey, we need to talk" he said slowly.
"No we don't go away"
"Kathy please" I could tell he was nervous and people were watching us and it was quite embarrassing so I accepted. We walked upstairs and stood in the hallway. It was just us.
"Kath…" He began and put his hand on my shoulder. "I was wrong. I am so sorry. I love you so much. Rebecca was just… a thing. It wasn't anything I swear"
"Whatever Evan leave me alone" I said shaking his hand off me.
"Kathy… I love you please"
"I loved you too Evan but its hard to love someone when they go around behind you sleeping with other people!"
"I didn't sleep with her!"
"Five months Evan. You're telling me that in the five months you were cheating on me you didn't sleep with her. Puh-lease"
"Kathy stop. I want you. Not her" He said pressing his lips against mine. I pushed him off quickly and got out of his reach.
"I don't love you anymore Evan. Leave me alone." I said coldly and walked back down the stairs. I had cleared my mind. But something in the back of my head still made me love him. I had to keep telling myself no. I wanted to kiss him back, I really did. I just had to make him think I didn't love him anymore. Then he would hopefully leave me alone and I can get over him. I walked back outside and sat beside Paul at the table.
"I'm sorry Paul" I said weakly.
"Its okay. Is everything alright?"
"I officially broke up with Evan"
"That's a good thing" he said smiling "I'm sorry though. It must have been hard for you"
"Yeah" I replied. Paul stood and walked over to my seat and gave me a hug. I practically melted into him. He smelled so good. Evan walked outside at that moment and saw us and a look of jealousy went across his face as he glared at Paul.
"Come on Kath lets get in the pool"
"Okay!" I said smiling as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the pool. I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my shorts and I slowly made my way into the cold water. Just as I was about to get my waist in I'm suddenly underwater. I resurface coughing and clearing the water from my nose to hear laughter and seeing a grinning Paul in my face.
"OH ITS ON!" I shouted and tried dunking him. Yeah I wasn't too successful. He ended up lifting me over his shoulder while I was kicking and screaming and laughing at the same time and carried me over to my friend. He was smacking my butt as he threw me into Jess and she gasped and glared at him. I resurfaced and was laughing. He dove under the water and swam up to us. Jess punched him and then turned back to her conversation with Sonny.
"I'm gunna get on the slide you want to go with me?" He asked me.
"Uh… I guess" I laughed.
We got out of the pool and ran to the slide. I went up first and waited for him to come up. Then I sat on his lap and he pushed off and we went down the sharp turn and slashed into the water. Everyone was laughing as we resurfaced and were rubbing our bottoms.
"Jeez that wasn't smart. It kind of hurt" I said laughing.
"Yeah I don't think I'm gunna be able to have children now. Thanks Kath…" he said laughing but pretending to be serious but failed miserably and started laughing. Everyone started laughing.

After a while the party was over and everyone left. Jess and I decided to stay at Paul's house for the night. It was around 8:30pm. Paul and Sonny were upstairs getting cheese dip for the nachos.
"Dude Kathy Paul is like, in love with you" Jess said.
"No way"
"I swear! He told me! Did you see the way he was looking at you when you took your shirt and shorts off? Why do you think he tackled you!?" We both burst out into laughter.
"NO. REALLY?! Oh my god he's so awesome too and hott!" I said laughing.

That same moment:
"Dude I love Kathy" Paul said to Sonny.
"Dude I love Jess" He said laughing.
"Do you think Kath likes me?"
"I dunno I just met her. I barely talked to her. She's hot so go for it. Do you think Jess likes me?"
"Yeah she told me she did. She thinks you are hot!" Paul said laughing and grabbing the cheese out of the microwave.

We heard them walking down the stairs and stopped talking and turned around and looked at them and smiled.
"What?" Sonny said plopping down beside Jess.
"Nothing" I said. Paul put the cheese and chips on the table and put in a movie. Paul sat down beside and pressed play and relaxed into the couch.
"What are we watching Paul?" Jess asked as she snuggled into Sonny's arm.
"House of a 1000 Corpses"
"WHAT?! This is so scary! Fuck Paul!" she shouted and buried her head into Sonny's side. He was smiling evidently enjoying her attention.
"You aren't scared are you?" he said looking at me and smiling.
"No" I said confidently. Yeah about halfway into the movie I was screaming had my head buried into his chest. I practically jumped on top of him when the killer jumped out behind the bodies that were hanging from the ceiling. Paul was hiding his head in my shoulder. It was so adorable how scared he was. I had my head in his shoulder and he had his in mine. I pulled mine out and looked at him. He did the same. Our faces were so close. It seemed as if if I one of us moved we would kiss. His eyes went slowly from my lips back up my eyes. He looked deep into them and I turned my head back to the movie. That moment was so sensual I couldn't take it. Yes I definitely liked him but the whole Evan thing was just going by way too fast. Jeez I just met this guy what? Yesterday?! I feel like I've known him since forever. I practically do for all the time we've spent talking. The movie was over and Jess and I went upstairs in Paul's guest bedroom to sleep. It was about an hour later and I felt myself drifting to sleep until I felt the bed move. Jess was getting up. I heard whispers from the door and careful glanced. It was Sonny! OH MY! I tried so hard not to laugh and let them think they were sneaky. Then they left to go do whatever… Five minutes later I felt the bed move again.
"Bout time you got here jeez" I whispered thinking it was Jess.
"Wow that's hot" I heard a male voice say laughing. I gasped and spun around quickly to find Paul face to face with me. I started to laugh.
"Sorry I thought you were Jess"
"No they're down in my room. They kicked me out" he said laughing.
"I guess that's a good thing huh?" I said smiling. He kissed me. I felt myself melt into him as his hands went around me bringing me onto of him. I kiss him back. Hard.
"Kathy…" he breathed through the kisses.
"What?" I broke from him.
"Will you go out with me?" I rolled off of him and laid on my back and stared at the ceiling. He turned on his side and stared at me waiting for the answer.
"Paul… its too soon. Evan…" I whispered trying not to cry.
He turned over and laid on his back and stared at the ceiling with me.
"Okay…" he said slowly and sat up and slowly walked towards the door. He put his hand on the frame and stared back at me for what seemed like forever then he left.