Take what you want from me, I won't let you keep me down like this forever
Chapter 3: Same dorm?

I woke up in Paul's house. Jess was beside me asleep to my surprise. I got out of bed and went downstairs. I got a glass of milk and sat down on the bar stool and started rubbing my head. I was so confused right now. I mean I loved Evan, but I hated him. I wanted Paul but I didn't want to rush into another relationship two days after my last one, which lasted a year. Life was so confusing right now. I want Paul. I know he is the right one. He wants me too. I took a sip of my milk and put my head on the counter. Why did everything have to be so confusing? Sometimes I wish love didn't exist then I wouldn't be so hurt and confused.
"Hey" Paul said walking into the kitchen.
"hey" I said smiling. There was tension. The conversation was awkward,
"Kath I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have-"
"No. Its okay… everything is just so complicated right now"
"Oh… I'm willing to be complicated with you" he said smiling. I blushed.
"Jeez why do you have to do that?" I said laughing.
"Do what?"
"Make me feel like I have butterflies"
He smiled and hugged me and kissed my cheek when we were in the embrace.
"Ha ha sorry to interrupt the touching moment" Sonny said walking in the room. Paul laughed and went to the refrigerator for food. He started cooking eggs for us.
"So did you and Jess have a fun time last night?" I asked him trying to be serious but failed terribly and started laughing.
"Huh? What are you talking about?" Sonny said trying to act confused.
"I saw you guys sneak out of our room!" I said laughing hysterically.
"Okay fine. You caught me. Yes I had a WONDERFUL time" He said grinning from ear to ear. Paul and I started laughing even harder and Jess walked into the kitchen.
"What's so funny?" she said rubbing her eyes.
"Oh nothing" Paul said.
"Whatever Paul! I saw you sneak to Kathy's room! Don't even try to act innocent!" Sonny exclaimed.
Paul and I exchanged uncertain glances and the mood died.
"What? What did I say wrong?" Sonny asked. Nobody answered. Paul put the eggs on my plate and I ate them slowly. He sat down beside me and I caught him giving me glances. The table was silent. Jess and I went upstairs and started getting ready Jess I was in the shower and Jess was drying her hair. I heard the dryer turn off.

"So… what happened last night with you and Paul? I mean at the party and during the movie you guys seemed so into each other but this morning you were all 'keep away from me' mode"

"Um… Evan showed up last night at the party and he said he loved me and that he wanted me back. He kissed me; I pushed him off though! I guess it just made me uncertain. Do you think I should go after Paul or something?"

"DUH. He's so awesome, trust me"

"I know" I said smiling. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me.

"I kissed him last night"

"Who? Evan or Paul?"

"Paul stupid!"

"Oh my god! YAY! Is he any good?"

"Oh god yes. He was kissing my neck and lips so passionately. It was amazing" Jess started jumping up and down from excitement.

"Just wait a minute Jess. He asked me out… I said no"


"I don't know. Ever since what Evan said to me, I've been so uncertain… Today though, I wish I said yes. God I'm so retarded"

"yeah you are" I walked out of the bathroom and to the guest room. I opened the door and jumped when I saw someone in the room. It was Paul; he was making our bed. He glanced up and smiled.

"Haha I wish you would wear that more often" he said slyly. I gave him a fake glare and walked over and grabbed my clothes.

"Too bad Paul" I said smiling and walking out the door and back into the bathroom.

"PAUL WAS IN THE ROOM! I was in my towel!" I said to Jess about to the point of tears from laughter.

"Oh I'm sure he liked it!" she said handing me the dryer. We finished getting ready and went downstairs. Jess and I decided it was time to leave for our classes. Jess gave Sonny what was at first supposed to be a small kiss good-bye but ended up being a make out session kiss and I kissed Paul on the cheek and we got into my car.

School. Which meant I had to see Evan, Rebecca, AND Paul. I walked into my first class and sat down at the tables. The professor wasn't in the room so I sat there with my head on the table.

"Well hey there! I didn't know you took this class! Well since I just transferred I guess I wouldn't" I heard a male voice laugh beside me.

I glanced over to the right to see Paul sitting beside me. I smiled.

"Hey!" I said and gave him a hug.

He knew that I liked him. But I just wasn't ready. The professor finally came into the class and started lecturing us. I put my left hand on my head and tried not to fall asleep. My eyes kept closing and I'd flutter them awake.

I felt him grab my hand under the table. Him doing that jolted me awake. I looked at him teasingly. He turned my hand over so that my wrist was facing up. He slowly began to trace his finger up and down my forearm and made little circles on the palm of my hand. My body started to tingle at his touch. He pushed my hand out of the way and started doing it to my leg. I glanced at him, a little shocked but didn't protest. The professor was deep in conversation with one of the students who actually paid attention.

"What do you think Kathy?" the teacher asked.

"Huh? About what?" I breathed. Paul didn't stop. I felt his hand going higher up my leg. He stuck his finger in one of the holes in my jeans and tugged at it. My breathing changed. I grabbed his hand and moved it away. He chuckled slightly.

"What do you think about the fact that Romeo had risked so much for the love of his life Juliet even though he knew that her family was his sworn enemy?" he repeated.

"Um. He loved her that much so he followed his heart?" I said uncertainly.

"Pay attention more Mrs. Neilson" he said.

Paul still had a hold of my hand and was holding it tightly. Somehow it felt like it fit perfectly in his hand. His thumb was rubbing over my hand as he held it. The bell rang. The crowd of students quickly filled the hallways and it was hard to move. Paul was pushed hard onto me. It was like we were at a concert. It was smelly and tightly packed. I felt Paul's arms go around low on my waist. He put his head on my shoulder.

"I'm going to ask you again" he said softly in my ear. His breath tickling it. "Go out with me. You'll make me so happy" he kissed my neck. "Please" all this intense stuff was getting to me. My face was flushed red not only from the heat but him kissing me and holding me like that. I said yes. He smiled so big and despite the crowd he lifted me up and kissed me hard on the mouth.

I only had that one class with Paul. Fine arts. We sat in the back and held hands the whole time. SO cliché. Haha oh well. I loved every second of it. In the commons I saw Rebecca and Evan together. Kissing. My heart felt crushed but then my mind would race to Paul and I would get over it and start thinking about him and how wonderful he was. After school I was unlocking the door to my car when I felt two hands on my hips. I turned around shocked and saw Paul. He caught my mouth with a kiss. He pushed me up against my car. Jess, who has on the other side of the car getting in the passenger seat started laughing when she saw him. Paul broke off me and looked at me smiling and laughing a little.

"Sorry. I just needed a kiss" he said chuckling. I started to laugh and said "and what a kiss you received! Wow Paul!" He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"Can you guys give me a ride home? Sonny left me…" he said.

"Yeah definitely"

Jess was forced to sit in the back and he was in the passenger seat.

"You don't want to go home just yet do you?" I asked Paul.

"Not really" he said.

"Good" I drove out of the parking lot. The rain started pouring down. We drove up to our dorm building and quickly ran inside. Jess got out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hey. Come over to my dorm hun. Paul is here too" she said.

"Okay see you soon" she answered the person. She hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Sonny" she said opening the dorm door.

"Hey hold on I need to go get something from my room!" Paul shouted while jogging back to the elevator.

"WHAT?!" I shouted.

"My room! Its up two floors!"

"You never told me that!" I said shocked.

"Well… you never asked did you!?" he said smiling and laughing. I chased after him and got in the elevator before the door closed.

"How in the hell are you in this dorm building?" I asked.

"Um Kathy… this is co-ed dorm building. The top floors are guys. Duh" he said looking at me like I was stupid.

"Oh. I didn't know that…" I said laughing at myself.

The elevator door opened and we saw Sonny walking down the hallway.

"Hey! I'm going down to your room Kathy so don't come down for awhile" he said winking at me. I had a shocked look on my face as he hoped in the elevator.

"YOU GUYS BETTER NOT DO ANYTHING ON MY BED!" I shouted as the doors closed.

Paul and I walked down to the end of the hallways where his room was evidently. We started laughing and Paul brought us some beers. We turned on the TV and started watching Jackass: The Movie and Donnie Darko. I stretched out on the bed with Paul and he had his arm around my waist. He was kissing behind my ear slightly and whispering in it "I love you". I didn't know what to say. Everything was moving so fast. Four days ago I broke up with my long-term boyfriend. The next day I have a I new /I boyfriend that I I really /I like, but now he's telling me he loves me. I don't love him though. I I like /I him, but its too soon to say I I love /I him! Right? I laid there and let him kiss my neck and I turned around so we were facing each other on the couch. Since the couch was so small our faces were about a half inch away from each other's. He smiled slyly and wrapped his arms tighter around me and started kissing me. He pulled me on top of him and his hands traveled down to my waist. One hand went up and down my back and the other on my ass. I moved my head to his neck and started kissing it and biting it. I heard him moan and he unclipped my bra. I sat up, still straddling him and looked at him questioningly. I glanced over the movie was just about over. I looked at the clock. It was 9:00. My eyes went back to him, he was biting his lip and he looked so hot. His lip ring was shining from the lamp shining on it. His hand started under my shirt. I bent down and started kissing him again. I started to suck on his lip ring. He quickly flipped us over so I was on the bottom. I squealed from shock. I'm still not sure how he did that without falling off the small sized bed, but all I know was that he was on top of me and kissing my neck within five seconds. His hand was up my shirt and on my breast. I unbuckled his belt and he chuckled in our kisses. He sat up and took off his shirt and I started kissing his muscular shoulders and I felt him grind onto me. He starts kissing down my stomach until he got to my hips and kept kissing in the same spot. He unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants and stuck his hand down them. I felt him playing between my legs and I moaned urging him on. I took off my shirt and my loose bra was still on. He kissed my chest so passionately.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Sonny screamed walking into the room. I snatched my shirt and covered my chest and grabbed a blanket as Paul jumped off and zipped up his pants. Sonny was freaked out yet laughing hysterically at the same time.

"God I knew I should've knocked! He said staring at us.

Jess peeked her head around the corner of the door and saw me putting on my shirt and zipping up my pants and my messed up hair and started laughing.

"WOO go Kathy!" she exclaimed. Sonny and Jess stood and went upstairs laughing. "I guess we're going back downstairs!! Use protection!" they shouted from the halls laughing. Paul and I laid back down on the bed, facing each other and laughed slightly and I kissed him on the lips and then we just stared at each other and he wrapped his arms and legs around me and we fell asleep.