"My Bloody Dream"

- My life begins to slip away

as the cold steel bites into me.

- My hand trembles with anticipation

asI go for the other wrist.

- I smile through the pain as I see the beautiful red liquid

run down my pale arms to stain the floor.

- I laugh when I think of how

my 'mom' will react.

- She ignore my lifeless body and start ranting about the carpet

and how the blood stains will never come out!

- She would be happy to get rid of me.

And i'll be happy to go.

- My smile grows as I begin to feel

the cold as my blood drains.

- I love this feeling of freedom, and choice,

A feeling I was never alowed to have.

- Spots begin to form before my eyes

and I feel light headed.

- I rest my heavy head on

the edge of my bed.

- My smile slipping through my grasp

as my energy fades along with my life.

- I realize that I am happy,

truely happy for once as I close my eyes

to that dark oblivion.


- My eyes shot open as I realize

that I had been dreaming.

- The fact that there was no blood anywhere,

and I was alive, told me so.

- I sighed

'Damn, What a nice dream too....'

- I thought as I got ready for school

Hoping that the next time I dreamed that it would be real...


AN: Well I just got done typing this...I wrote it at 9:15 9-11-05

I just have been feeling 'bad' depresed as they would call it i guess and i was listoning to a sad song in japanese And I just started writting....oh well what can you do, so yeah that's my ...uhhh poem, I guess you can call it that....

This has no connection to 9/11 however since I thought it was the tenth and all, until I asked my 'mom'.