This poem is not meant to be taken as something Mary prayed. It is just something I thought of while thinking of the Virgin Mary, about how she must have felt when she was told she would give birth too and raise the Son of God.

The Virgin's Prayer by writerforever

Lord, You have chosen me

Out of the millions of women

You have chosen me to carry Your Son

This beauty

This wondrous feeling within my soul

To know that I carry the Son of God in my womb

Is almost too joyous, extraordinary, ecstatic

I praise You, Lord

I worship You

Let generations, nations, every tongue praise You!

For You are holy

Generations will call me blessed among women

Because I have been chosen to carry Your Son

But I say, blessed be Your name!

I am but Your humble handmaiden

Longing to fulfill Your will

Lord, help me to carry out Your will

Help me to fulfill this wondrous miracle

Thank You Lord

Forever I will praise You!