I have a little house,

By a little lake.

Sitting in my little chair looking,

Out the little window day by day.

I like to watch the little sun,

Rising every morning.

And as I sit in my little chair,

It brings me little sadness.

It reminds me of the old times when,

My little friend would visit.

And sadly on a little summer's day,

My little friend and I parted ways.

Little by little and day by day,

I try to get over the little feelings.

Of sadness and depression,

Of pain and misery.

That my little friend,

And my little self.

Will never in our little lives,

See eachother's little face again.

So for the rest of my little life,

I shall sit inside my little house, by the little lake.

Sit all by my little self lookin out,

My little window day by day.