what ever happened to people acting passive

i remember back when everyone was kissing asses

now their getting jacked in the back end

of my pad for nothing but a little bit of

old fashioned gay bashing

people taking gats and bats in black vans

seeing women beat for half a pack of smokes

that's a wack reason for getting her nose broke

12 smokes and maybe a cell phone

this hell's home and knows of no limits

blow floats the street, a few keys in 3 minutes

all the greed you can't breathe and not breathe it in

everybody's bleeding to see increased dividends

it numbs me to see the bleek world i know i'm living in

like taking chronic doses of emotion acetaminophen

nobody here is innocent

it's a bitch to get ahead and end up pushing back a friend

but this is it, i can only do what i can

i'm trying to be a better man instead i stand with them

how can i survive and be the hero all the time

where to draw the line and leave my people on the side

it's time i just decide and i've decided it's goodbye

good luck in every effort but don't ever ask for time

i'm going to get what's mine

start a family and rewind

my feet are firmly landing

i just need a sweetened candy

to help digest my life's stress, the nights of unrest

a nice carress, a wife that might like to fill a nice nest

teach my kids instead of giving gifts

raise them up to be the hero everyone expects

the cycle will spread long after i'm dead

again and again we're predestined to protect

we shoot for stars,

losing to the superstars

who are born with new shoes and suped cars

we come from the gutter

raised by just a single mother

born to earn your bread and butter

and give love until our love hurts

it's a gifted curse

to live it hurts

the double edged sword with a handle of burrs

but i can't take the stress

the weight of everybody's shit

the self inflicted pain and messes they get in

i can't support the wastedness

i can't afford to take a rest

so of course i can't afford to sit

and keep wasting my breath

i'm hating to live the way i live

the pain and weight i drag is sick

forget a couple dozen other's added on my list

fuck the destitute, i never messed with you

i'm just a kid at 20 who worked hard and bested you

i got nothing more to give and that's the truth

i've sort been a good friend but no more can i listen

just give in and slit your mother fucking wrists man

it's not my shit, don't even make it my business

i won't forgive it if you make living my decision