Bad Dream

She was in a land where she was all alone,
with a cloud over her head,
and sorrow to heavy to carry,
She has no one to talk to,
No one to hear.
Her parents died in a car crash,
her brother ran away.
She lives in a town called "Nowhere."
She doesn't have a friend,
or anyone to tell secrets to,
her world is dark and dreary.
She doesn't see the light,
Of God calling her to him.
She ponders the questions,
like why God put her on the planet of Earth.
All she ever wanted,
Is a friend to care.
She finds her teddy bear,
and cuddles to dark dreams,
like dreams of the people who used to love her.
She wakes with a startle,
She wonders where she is,
but then it all hits her,
it was all a bad dream.