Final Dance of a Girl

Her eyes are red and tear stained,

Her hair is unwashed and she cannot smile,

She seems to be smiling,

Inside she's dead,

Her heart is broken and her mind hurts,

She's lost and cannot breath,

No one sees this pain,

She seems happy to them,

Her cries to for help are etched into her arms,

Purple scaring that indicates the torture within,

But no one sees,

The knife in front of her entrances her,

The metal shimmers and looks like gold to her,

She can feel hope leaving her,

And as she presses it to her skin she smiles,

Properly for the first time in months,

Anger fills her as she thinks of them,

Her family and her friends,

They never noticed and she cries because they cannot see,

She presses the gold god to her skin,

And then she feels free,

Blood bursts from her skin,

Happiness fills her,

She knows she emancipated,

She feels it running through her body,

Then she waits for death,

She knows it will come and she's glad,

They cry at her funeral,

They sob as they think of her,

They wish they'd opened their eyes,

But it's to late,

They can never see,

But the lesson's learnt,

And they hope they wont make it again,

Smiling isn't always real,

Her last smile was real,

Death is real,

Its to late for her,

So open your eyes.

Dedicated to anyone who's ever wanted to die, or had someone they know kill themselves, suicide is not the answer. Ask for help, no one's a mind reader.