The Asylum of the Damned Presents…

In a faraway galaxy in a faraway time, there lay a small planet- almost identical to Earth, discovered and colonized by mankind. They named it Planet Unknown, or as it was commonly referred to, X.

A Sanitarium Studios Production…

Mankind left the planet shortly after, never to return, leaving the inhabitants of X, the Xians, to fend for themselves. The destiny of the Xians, however, would not lie entirely in their own hands...

Inspired by the works of Hideo Kojima, Gunpei Yokoi, and George Lucas…

After the loss of the Armageddon Laser, the resulting firefight above X's atmosphere brought both sides to their knees, losing vessels and personnel by the thousands. For nearly a whole month, X's planetary arsenal waged war with everything that Deth Fortress and everything else it had brought along had thrown at them, finally managing to beat back the potential invaders after wiping out nearly all of Deth's forces. The cost for X, however, was much worse than expected. With sixty-eight percent of their global defenses destroyed, X was left extremely vulnerable for the next power-hungry conqueror.

Eight months later…


Nondel sighed as he lay down and stretched out his leg along the table, waiting for the machine to finish it's diagnostic. The camera lens slowly scanned up and down his knees and thighs for ten minutes before finally coming to a halt. "Results are in," said the technician, looking up and Nondel from the computer kiosk from across the room.


"Both knees are back to full repair. You're cleared to do whatever you want."

"About time," Nondel muttered under his breath, nimbly hopping off the table and grabbing his jeans off the hook on the wall. "Sending them straight to Kamon, huh?" He asked, sliding his left leg in.

"You know, government policy," the technician hummed. Then, just as Nondel pulled up the waist, the technician asked, "So what's Deth Fortress like, anyway?"

"Oh for the love of-" Nondel thought to himself. "Very dangerous. You wouldn't like it."

"Hm. Didn't think so. Anyway, here's your copy of the scan," said the technician, handing Nondel a thin strip of paper, "don't lose it. You'll need it for insurance."

As Nondel left the room, he crumpled the paper in his hands and tossed it into a wastebasket. "Not if I'm right," he muttered under his breath as he walked down the hallway.

Nondel had just stepped onto the sidewalk and was just about to open the door to his hovercar when his cell phone rang from inside his jeans pocket. Biting his lip, Nondel fished it out as he sat down in the driver's seat. "Captain Populas," he droned.

"Captain Nondel Populas, you are to report at the briefing room at Headquarters at eleven hundred hours," the digitized voice on the other end said before the connection hung up.

Nondel muttered under his breath, stuffed the cell phone back into his pocket, and started his car. "Huh. Guess I was right."

One hour later, Nondel was dressed in his standard orange and black BDU, walking with a passive mindset though the halls of Xian World Military Headquarters. The moment he stepped through the doors of the briefing room, a deep, gruff voice growled, "You're late."

Nondel frowned. "Hi, Xslav."

The lone Xian sitting in the front row of seats in the theatre-like briefing room grunted a reply, keeping his eyes on the blank projector screen ahead of him as Nondel took the seat next to the seat beside Xslav.

Nondel glanced at his watch. "Late? I'm five minutes early."

Xslav glanced at his watch. "Not by my watch," He grumbled.

"That's a pretty fast watch," Nondel muttered.

Xslav snorted, and crossed his burly arms over his massive frame. "I set my clocks ten minutes ahead," he admitted.


"Keeps me punctual."

Nondel rolled his eyes. "So, they called just the both of us, huh?" he asked. Xslav nodded. "Great. I know where this is going…"

As if on cue, the lights in the room shut off, and the projector screen in front of them lit up. "Good morning, captain Populas and captain Incorr," came the firm voice of general Rion from beside them. Both Nondel and Xslav stood up and turned to their left, saluting their general as he descended down the stairway and onto the stage. "At ease, men. Sit down," he said, taking the small podium at center stage. Rion took a small remote from underneath the top of the podium and aimed it at the wall behind them, and a clear image flashed upon the projector screen. "Nondel, Xslav, at nine hundred hours today, we received a distress signal from this vessel here," he said, pointing his thumb at the image of a smoking, damaged space cruiser on the screen, resting on some reddish-brown surface. "This is their current location, according to our scouting satellites, on Perseus Eleven."

"That wasteland of a planet?" Nondel thought to himself.

"Since X is the closest planet to Perseus at this stage in its orbit, we are the first to receive any distress signal emanating from there. No contact with any of this vessel's crew has been made yet; therefore we do not know exactly what purpose it serves. Nevertheless, with the condition that our forces are in now, we are considering this vessel a potential threat. Captian Populas, captian Incorr, your orders are to depart immediately to Perseus Eleven, and investigate the vessel, and evaluate the situation. Any questions?" Rion asked.

Neither Nondel nor Xslav budged a muscle.

"Good. You two are dismissed. Head to the shuttles immediately."

Once again, Nondel and Xslav found themselves suiting up in the bulky, heavy body armor that they had worn in Deth Fortress. "Investigate, my ass," Xslav muttered as he pulled on a pair of leather gloves.

Nondel sighed as he tightened the laces on his thick boots. "It's probably nothing," he said, "but I can understand why we're gearing up like we're going to war."

Xslav snorted. "On the off-chance that it is someone looking to pick up our scraps," he muttered, "it's been awhile since I've had a good fight."

Nondel paused. "What if it's Deth?"

"Doubt it."

Nondel hummed under his breath as he tapped his toes on the floor. "Ready?" he asked.

Xslav craned his thick neck to his left, and a small pop filled the air. "Ready."