Somebody Else

Stop tryin' to,

Disguise yourself.

Stop tryin' to act like,

Somebody else.

I know who ya really are,

So who 'ya trying to fool?

Please take of that stupid mask,

Why 'ya tryin' to be...

Somebody else?

You're just makin',

Yourself look so dumb.

No one beleives your trick,

They know who's behind that stupid mask.

I'm askin' ya right now to just tell me who,

Who 'ya tryin' to fool?

Jus' listen to me for once,

Jus' listen when I say...

It a'in't gonna work.

Author's Note:

I hope you get the idea I'm trying to put out here. : ) I know, I know, it's unlike a lot of poems I write, in the way that it's so informal, but I tried to do it for effect. I kind of used this piece as a test; you know? To see what I can do. I'll just say, if you R&R this, don't be too hard on me, because I know it may not be as good as some of my others. I like constructive criticism though! ;)


- Sarah (sarah1491)

P.S. It helps when I get feedback from my poems, so if there are any poems that have no, or few reviews, don't hesitate to do so. : ) Thanks!