Saters skim past on platinum skates
On the rainbow oiled streets where the wine rivers flow
Down past the corridors and catacombs of the Sceleris Gate
This will be the final call, and the pilgrims, they race
Because the pilgrims, they know
This eve is the last for the Sandpiper Show
A weasel deviant, black-heated jackal and cynical shrew
Serve as the judges three, interest now ignited
Hodgepodge eyes glitter, Cheshire grins stretch ivory askew
Eager jostling rocks the Gate, the five minstrels sighted
Stage lights blaze supernovas, a thousand hell-hot suns
Love choked requiems scream into the black
A montage of wings, of horns and hooves mosh as one
Legendary chorus screamed till throats parch and crack
For they are the patrons. The pilgrims. They've come
To the Sceleris Gate, the Mecca of slums
Yes, the pilgrims, they've come
And the pilgrims, they know
Tonight's the final curtain for the Sandpiper Show