We are


Finally, the moment has come again

The words I had hoped to simply flow

Held so tight, bound by an invisible chain

Helplessly like a quiet plea, but now

If I had somehow chose to let go

The tears will then freely fall

Whatever the consequences, I should know

Because losing once and for all

Is a risk that should not be taken

Right now, I just want the silence to span

Leaving all the sorrows forsaken

I shall hold you smiles as long as I can

Until the whispers of reality beckons

Drawn away to face the cruelty of words

Shattering this illusion I've woven

Pieces of a heart I cannot salvage


Long ago, the mistakes were made

The course of time won't change

Words I cannot escape, lingering still

Whispers dwelling in the depths of my mind


Held so tight, bound by this chain

Weeping only in forbidden dreams

Because right now

We are, but a memory


September 5, 2005


A/N: Somehow, i've come to term with all the lies... promises i should never have thought you would keep, obviously, i've been a fool to dream and believe you.