Cats on Hydro Wires

(AKA, more poetry about the epidemic of unrequitement and like emotional things.)

Awkward non-conversation,
and hesitant glances (taken back).
Is it not nonsensically lovely,
this distance between us?

This place where words
are soundless,
indistinguishable syllables.

I visit it every so often,
unable to keep myself
Damn this curiosity,
because you know how that
story goes.

Around and around, we circle it,
like animals, taunting and daring each other.
I'll bare my teeth right back at you.
But then why do I have this
unnaturally electric, so
nostalgic feeling,
that I'm going to be the one to give?

Why do I feel as if
it's over,
but I'm still clinging to

("pathetic" your eyes say)

We were,
but now
we aren't.
Simple as that.

(i'm not listening…)


(la la la, not list-en-ing!)

And I ask myself,
as I begin to feel
nauseous with this emotion
welling up inside of me inexplicably,
when did I forget what a good liar
you are.