I Am the Girliest Girl

I love the way you smile, with your geeky grin

Always greeting me with a flash of beautiful metal

I love the way you're so goofily hot

With your plaid shirts and dress pants paired up

I love the way you say my name

It's the only time I actually like to hear it said

I love the way you make outrageous jokes

That make me laugh like such a girly girl

I love the way you talk a little softer to me sometimes

The tone in your voice becomes infinitely welcoming

I love how your hair is just such a mess

Frizzy, messy, wavy, even an awkward color

I love how your nose scrunches up when you laugh

It's so cute, I just want to give you a big hug

Pardon me for being girly now

I just had to say it all

How wonderful you are

How querky you are

How gentlemanly you are

While still maintaining a querky sense of humor

And a flirty smile

A certain twinkle in your blue, blue eyes

A sparkle I hope I put there. . .