Why are you so stubborn?
Why won't you just listen?
Why is your mind un-open?
Why won't you just learn?

Sometimes you're right.
But this time you're wrong.
But you won't listen to me.
You're not perfect!

Your way is not
The right way.
Won't you listen to me?

What works for you
Won't work for all
Don't push your methods on me.
I can deal with myself
And if I need help,
I'll come to you,
Don't worry.

You're not me!
You can't understand
Until you ask.
But if you did…
I wouldn't tell.
'Cause I know you wouldn't listen.

I hide from you,
And I know it's wrong,
But now I'm growing weary.
I love you,
But you've got to change
If we're to keep on going.