Attention, students. Please have a seat

For there's some cold hard truths that I'd like you to meet.

I'm your instructor today, so please open your ears

This class will teach you things you'll actually remember in two years.

I'm gonna show you how to throw away the things you feel

None of it's worth remembering 'cause none of it is real.

Are you tired of takin the blame?

Are you sick of this stupid game?

Don't ever call us tools


Welcome to Revolution 101

Do you really think that you're free?

Welcome to Revolution 101

I'll show you strength and liberty.

You wanna believe that everything's okay

While your government steals your rights away.

Before you went to bed last night you prayed,

While the President showed dead soldier's moms that he's not afraid.

I clearly see you like pretendin that we're really free

Go ask the gay couple across the street and see if they agree.

The truth continues to be blurred by uncountable distortions

While women lose their right to choose and can no longer have abortions.

So open up your textbooks kids, turn to page ninety-three

And pull the pages that were stuck together apart AND READ WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE.

Welcome to Revolution 101

Don't shake your heads at me.

Welcome to Revolution 101

I'm not the idiot running this country.

Now for your first assignment, children. Stand up and say,


Don't take these injustices on the jaw

Tell Bush that his Bible will never be our law.

There's nothing left to stop us, there's no doubt that we're right

These idiots have pushed us way too far, let's show them we can still fight.

Remember all that have defended and remember all that have died

But our soldiers fought not knowing that their wonderful leaders had lied.

Get up and shout, you know what is right, don't stop until we win

Show them your strength, we'll stab and we'll bite, LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN.

Welcome to Revolution 101

There will always be a way.

Welcome to Revolution 101

The battle begins today.