Lupine Eyes: I wrote this about a year ago, for a literary magazine called Yahara River Writers.I won the contestand was one of the 10 for my division. I never thought it was any good, but, tell me what you think. (in other words review!)


When things are at their darkest,

And shadows fall around,

There is nothing left but darkness,

You don't feel like going on.

There is a light,

Just look inside,

A light that will make the darkness hide,


Hope is a light,

Hope is a star,

Hope is the moon,

Lighting up the sky from afar.

The darkness, the despair is afraid of that light.

Of Hope.

The hope that makes the moon glow, so soft and bright.

So when things are at there darkest,

And you feel you cannot take one more step.

Show the darkness your ever burning light,

And with your hope go on.

Lupine Eyes: So, whatdidyouthink? Constructive critasim will be appreciated! and flames ignored... anyhoo, REVIEW!