forgotten games
the ROAR of thunderous applause
fills the air today with laud
the deft and agile motions
by men of mythological proportions
who struggle to compete for glory obsolete
the win, the win, the WIN
with bated breath we wait
as tanned and mended skin
is passed from hand to hand
triumph, surely, shall be obtained
by those whom Jove himself ordained
laurel halos wreathe their heads
and never wanting are there beds
Praise Olympus! we sing aloud
men of Sparta sporting proud
on foot we chase
our legs we brace
our arms we raise
our eyes ablaze
skyward we shall surely soar
as though from Heaven we were borne
all eyes upon us as we run
expectations searing as the sun
and due, the victory we claim
the seas and stones shall know our names
Triumph! Glory! Eternal fame!
as children play forgotten games.

TMK 9.3/11.2005