bending the very laws of physics
as long as you're right in the end
the more utter nonsense they preach
the farther from home you run
silence is what you like to hear
you'd rather not question yourself
when they look to you for answers
you find yourself wishing
for a gun and a ten-year headstart
it looks bad in the mirror
and worse in the air
but you've made it out alive
from greater crimes than this
only fools will sit and wonder why
you just take the prize and look ahead
keeping your demons behind and below you
exactly where they belong
dishonesty you'll do but dishonor you'll not
only killing off them that deserved it
not a mere scoundrel, you're a king amongst thieves
a royal pain in the ass in general
they could go separate ways if they wanted
but something is keeping them here beside you
be it duty or loyalty, habit or profit
to broaden their horizons
or if no horizons will keep them
for safety, or to save the sinner within
or compelled by some love hidden beneath hate
whatever it is, you'd choose no others
even in the midst of chaos
serenity is always in your mind
it is your life, your home
worth more than all the galaxies you've crossed
all the people and gods you've crossed
you're a bad person, surely
but saints are few and far between
there's a thunder in your heart
and your sails are never lacking
you tumble through the weeds
and cruise through churning waters
following an erratic blinking light
it's hard enough to tell
right from wrong, up from down
but something says you're still on course
even the best men make mistakes
and the worst ones can repent
you're surrounded by a mix of each
and to each their strengths and follies
they'll fly you straight and play along
keep you grounded and help you out
follow you and reap your efforts
fix you up and keep you going
kill your ego and save your life
fall with you and raise you up
screw with you and lead you forward
hide with you and let you find yourself
and there's nothing in the universe
worth more to you than that
space is filled with twinkling stars
beckoning, calling your name
like one firefly to another
and off you ride into another sunset.

TMK 9.11.2005